First batch of Huawei Mate X goes on sale in China

Finally, Huawei has made its first foldable smartphone Mate X available in China, and there are reports that the first batch of the smartphone has already gone on sale in the country. One of the leading news channels have confirmed that following Huawei made the initial batch of the smartphone available for sale in China, and it sold out in minutes.

Back in February, the foldable phone was unveiled at MWC 2019 and was initially scheduled to be launched during the summer, but the smartphone got officially postponed until September. There are reports that in August, Huawei realized that there was no chance that this deadline would be set and that it would become much more likely to be available in November.

And finally, Huawei in October officially launched its first foldable smartphone in China and confirmed that the Mate X would go on sale in November, which we are already seeing.

Speaking about the cost of Huawei’s first-ever foldable smartphone, if you’re in China, you’d be able to put your hands on the Huawei Mate X by paying 16,999 Yuan, and if the device will be available in the US, you’d have to spend more than $2,400 to purchase the Mate X.

Our news sources have reported that Huawei is all set to make its second wave of devices go on sale in China on November 22. But the major concern is that Huawei has still not revealed its future plans to make the device available in other countries.

Huawei says that it will bring the Mate X to other countries than China at some point, but the release date and the name of the countries in which the smartphone will be available has not been shared by the second-largest smartphone manufacturer.

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