MP’s to Raise Fire Safety Issue in Parliment

Forget about the slim systems in high-density regions like Shahdara and Seelampur in East Delhi.

Even the buildings just like Parliament House Annexe, Sena Bhawan & Vayu Bhawan offices of various important ministries in Lutyens’ Delhi are ranked very low in phrases of hearth safety.

The Delhi Fire Service (DFS), within the path of inspections, has discovered that those high-security buildings have various shortcomings and in the course of hearth incidents, those would possibly cause heavy loss of lives and property.

According to the list of DFS, there are more than one hundred such buildings in Lutyens’ Delhi on my own. DFS chief Atul Garg said that those buildings do now not require any ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NoC) as those are pretty antique.

“As according to the inspections, we have found shortcomings and have suggested a few adjustments, which ought to be performed,” Garg informed ANI.

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