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Riot games response about the Anti-cheat driver accusations

Valorant is one of the popular games around the world, but recently it is the most talked-about game. From last few days, players of valorant game are dissatisfied and scared by the anti-cheat driver of the game. They have raised concerns towards the anti-cheat software which they think as malware. The fans and players accuse that the software starts automatically as soon as they turn on the computer. The overgrowing concern caught the attention of the Riot Games. They answered to the concerns and accusations on Reddit to calm the valorant community over there.

Riot’s anti-cheat runs all the time even before turning on the game. Installing the vgk.sys or anti-cheat driver will not allow the game to run. The software allows Riot’s client to know that your PC is a trusted machine. In the Reddit response, they were explaining about the driver’s inability to scan anything while it is running. Riot’s post explained that the company could not go deep down into the technical details without compromising vanguard. But they can assure that the technical team of internal and external securities have reviewed again and again. The software just has a bug, and it cannot harm the potential security of players.

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