Bill Gates suggests tracking COVID-19 by using interviews and databases

In the latest way to handle the outbreak of COVID-19,  Bill Gates thinks that most of the countries now will start to fight with this pandemic. The primary way to compete is by going for the interview-based contact tracing as well as a central database to track exposure.

As per a paper that was posted by Gates, it shows about all potential pandemic treatments, containment and vaccines as well. He, too, helps in going for the contact tracing as it will help in tracing the affected persons and can keep them in isolation.  But when he was asked about what he thinks about tech giants app services, he downplays it.

Bill Gates state that these apps always have privacy concerns. Due to all these reasons, many countries will not prefer these apps for going for contact tracing things. In a statement from Gates,  most of the people can voluntarily install the app or application.  Due to all these things, it will help some of the users as well.  But due to all these things, it is known that there are many people who all are going for the surface and can get information about the person who is near you.

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