Netflix: The top 5 horror movie available to stream

It’s winter season, and it’s also time to watch the spookiest movie available to stream on everyone’s favorite global streaming app, Netflix. Are you confused which scary movie to choose among many option available? We got you. Here is the list and trailer of the top 5 horror movies available on Netflix for you to stream!


It is a 2018 movie directed by Anthony Scott Burns. The plot of the movie sees a young genius, Ethan accidentally inventing a device that amplifies the paranormal activities within his family house, bringing back the spirits of the loved ones, and also, it unleashed the supernatural spirits of those who were turned the situation worse for them. Here’s the trailer of the movie!


It is a 2015 horror movie directed by Oz Perkins starring Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, and others. The story of the movie sees a troubled young woman embarking on a mysterious journey to an isolated prep school where two students face a sinister threat from an unseen evil force.


Cargo is a 2017 film directed by Ben Howling, and Yolanda Ramke starring Martin Freeman, Susie Porter, Kris McQuade, and others. It is post-apocalyptic horror drama about an infected father who got stranded in rural Australia aftermath of a violent pandemic in search of a home for his infant child and to protect her from his changing nature.


A 2018 movie directed by Sussane Bier starring Sandra Bullock, Sarah PaulsonTrevante Rhodes, John Malkovich, and others. Birdbox is a post-apocalyptic horror thriller about an unseen ominous evil force who took over a society and drives people to commit suicide, a survivor desperately tries to look for safety with her two children. It is definetly intriguing and gives out chilly experience to the viewers because of its excellent plot and brilliant acting.


A 2016 movie directed by Mike Flanagnan is about Jessie and Mark who adopts Cody after their son, Shawn died. They soon realized that Cody has supernatural powers, and everything he dreams of comes true when he’s asleep.

So, are you excited to watch the horror movies this Holiday season?

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