Garth Brooks Reveals Trisha Yearwood’s Pet Peeve About Him: ‘It’s Really Like A 24/7 Thing’

Even country music royalty can get on their partner’s nerves from time to time.

Like many around the globe, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have been quarantined with one another amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and for the most part, it’s been smooth sailing.

“I don’t think there’s anything that I learned that I didn’t already know,” Yearwood told Extra about spending time with her hubby at home.

However, one thing has been tough, according to Brooks, who pointed out one of his wife’s pet peeves.

“I whistle everywhere I go… and it drives her absolutely nuts and she’s been so sweet to put up with it,” he admitted.

Yearwood added: “It’s not like just the occasional whistle, it’s really like a 24/7 thing.”

As could be expected for a pair of musicians, one way they’ve been keeping busy at home is singing with one another.

As for their favorite song to sing together, Brooks said that’s a “tough” call because “it’s always a joy.” However, he ultimately said they like to sing “In Another’s Eyes” with one another.

“That was our first duet ever,” he gushed.

“And I’m loving singing ‘Shallow,'” Yearwood said.

They also reflected on finding decades-long success with their music.

“If you’re a lucky artist, you’re going to have songs played at people’s weddings, played unfortunately at funerals… you get to be part of the fabric of somebody’s life,” said Brooks, whose music has recently helped fellow artist Kelly Clarkson through her divorce.

“As a songwriter, as an artist, oh, my gosh, they can keep — no offense — they can keep all the Grammys. They can keep all the awards they want when you hear things like that. That’s when you feel like an artist,” added the 23-time Academy of Country Music Awards winner.

Yearwood expanded: “And I would say music is more important this year than ever because… when you go through a breakup, you go out with your girlfriends or… you go out and distract yourself, you go to a concert. We’re not doing those things… And so, you know, it’s always an honor to be a part of somebody else’s journey like that.”

Their Christmas special, “Garth and Tricia Live! A Holiday Concert Event,” will air on Sunday night on CBS.

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