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Monitoring your blood pressure has never been this easy!

Heart attacks or cardiac arrests estimate for the larger number of deaths, and one of the circumstances encouraging the threat is high Blood Pressure. It’s vital to contemplate precise checking of blood pressure is of absolute importance to keep control of additional health problems.


Higher BP puts undesired excess exertion on the heart, starting to obstructed arteries and a lethal heart attack. The disaster of increased BP might also indicate a stroke, dementia, or kidney problems. But the excellent opportunity is that there are blood-pressure monitoring apps now that will allow you to maintain a tab on your BP level directly from your smartphone.



  • Blood Pressure Monitor- Family Lite

An iOS Blood pressure monitoring app, Family Lite is easy and free to install. The application will facilitate the users about the details on diet and medicines they have taken. Based on the registered information, the app will trace the user’s BP, blood sugar, and weight, ensuring complete fitness data to get you a clear understanding of your health & healing relationship. You can even email that information to your doctor for his facts and recommendations. It’s a breeze to handle, and the graphical representation of the data supports simple data visualization.

  • Blood Pressure Companion

With this app with full stars, the table would be inadequate without naming this Companion. This app is one of the most helpful for heart health. The app allows the user to track BP and heart rate. It helps the user with suggestions to so that they never neglecting your regular BP tests. The information gathered will suggest you important acumens into the state of your BP level over time. Such interpretations will moreover allow your doctor to make well-read conclusions on your medicines and proper treatments.


  • Smart Blood Pressure Tracker

The app operates for Android and iPhone users. The Smart BP Tracker traces and maintains a record of diastolic and systolic BP. It also monitors your pulse rate. And this app will tell you with desired weight as per your age and height if your goal is to lose weight. If the user has hypertension problems or are inclined to acquire those, Smart BP Tracker would be an inclusive aide any time. 

  • Blood Pressure Watch

This app is a suggested blood-pressure checking application that lets you maintain a check on your BP level directly from your smartphone. The application collects, traces, examines as well as shares the user’s account. The app can also keep a record of your pulse rate and weight. You can place your reminder here that will warn you on your following BP check, stopping any chance of forgetting. You can share the recorded information via Dropbox, Google Drive, and email. The app displays stats and analytics so that you can verify the trends, most harmful & the most reliable statistics on your BP understanding over time.

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