ThinkPad: Everything you need to know about the latest tech gadget!

Think Pad is a business line of laptop, computer, and tablet designed and developed by Lenovo. Until the year 2005, it was sold by IBM and was first developed at IBM, Japan, in the year 1992. It has a distinct black look that is almost like a design of a box. Think Pads have been experiencing huge success in the business market, and it is the only tech gadget that has been used in outer space. It is a certified laptop for several years to use on International Space Station.

Think Pads are innovative, easy to use, and very much reliable for business purposes. With every passing year, a new development has been updated in the laptop, for instance, TPM Chips and drive protection. The Lenovo brilliant laptops, Think Pad has enjoyed a large cult of popularity. It has also been awarded many awards and recognitions.


  1. External hardware
  2. Wireless Router
  3. Power Bank
  4. Bluetooth 4.0 speaker

Think Pad has been widely sold across the world for its extreme work performance and functions. There are many series of Think Pad such as L series, T series, and X series.

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