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How was Steam Controller developed? What are its updates?

The Steam Controller is a game controller created by Valve for use with Steam on Windows, macOS, Linux, smartphones, and SteamOS. The controller was created not only for games developed for controller users, but also for games that were previously played with keyboard and mouse controls. It can now be played with the controller. Steam controller was first released in November 2015 to support Valve’s Steam Machine. It was finally phased out in November 2019. 

Steam Controller’s Design?

The Steam Controller has two high-resolution clickable track-pads (replacing the traditional thumbsticks on modern console controllers). Also, there are fourteen buttons, including the face, arm, and under grip buttons, are included in .  

At a Valve press case, Chris Kohler of Wired mentioned using the controller while playing Civilization V. He noted that as he pushed the mouse cursor with the trackpad, electromagnets inside the controller generated audio and tactile feedback as if he were using a trackball.

Above all, the track-pads provide haptic feedback, which can provide tactile feedback to the player in response to game events. Even though the controller is equipped for the Steam Machine platform, it can also be used with Steam on standard PCs. Gyroscopic sensors were also used in the controller to detect the controller’s relative orientation.  

How was its development?

The Steam controller’s original design called for a touchscreen to be mounted in the middle. 

The touchscreen would have functioned as a mouse-pad. It enables players to perform actions that are usually not possible with controllers. Steam controller would have operated in combination with Steam or SteamOS. It overlays a touchscreen display onto the players’ screens to allow game manipulation without diverting attention away from the screen. 

However, at the Steam Dev Days event in January 2014, Valve announced that the controller dropped the touchscreen concept. The existing face buttons had been rearranged to be more consistent with existing games. 

What are its updates?

The Steam Controller has received updates from Valve that allow for more customization and functionality. Valve has enhanced the controller’s capabilities in response to public feedback since its launch. 

Valve revealed on March 23, 2016, that computer-aided design geometry for the Steam controller would be made public. A Creative Commons license can be extended to the CAD geometry. 

Valve modified the controller in May 2018 to permit Bluetooth communications. It enables it to connect to mobile devices. This also enables the controller to work with the Steam Link software. It took the place of Steam Link hardware. 

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