What are the best science fictional movies?

Science fiction movies are attracting the attention of the audience by their thrilling suspense. Here are some of the best sci-fi movies for you get thrilled by!

The One I Love

It’s probably better not to know too much about this sci-fi-tinged indie until you watch it. But it’s fine to know ahead of time that director Charlie McDowell’s relationship dramedy doubles as a genre piece, rather than just another story about a bickering married couple. A major twist occurs after the couple departs for a therapeutic weekend at a country estate.

In a Twilight Zone-style switcheroo, some mystical mojo allows both husband and wife to get just what they want from each other – as long as they’re able to consider some dire consequences.

Another Earth

A mirror Earth is hurtling slowly but surely toward our own in Mike Cahill and Brit Marling’s quiet indie drama. However, the main emphasis is on Rhoda (Marling), a young woman who is trying to come to terms with the repercussions of a horrible mistake she made in the past. When Earth 2 approaches, our heroine’s decisions become increasingly inescapable.

The idea is intriguing. What would we say if we could meet another version of ourselves face to face? Another Earth never responds to the question, but it doesn’t have to. All it has to do is weave a moody web around the hope and fear inherent in the question, which it does admirably.

The Source Code

Take Groundhog Day, add a dash of Inception, and toss in a few decades’ worth of space-time continuum puzzles! You’ve got this brisk techno-thriller anchored by a good Jake Gyllenhaal score. 

Thankfully, writer Ben Ripley and director Duncan Jones hold the scientific theories to a bare minimum, focusing instead on the small hints the hero gradually uncovers and the doomed passengers he starts to care for as he struggles to save their lives – over and over. 

The girl with all the gifts

Melanie, a pre-teen, might be humanity’s only hope in a dystopian world ravaged by the walking dead. She’s also a second-generation zombie, the offspring of a group of teachers, scientists, and soldiers, including Glenn Close and Gemma Arterton, who are experimenting on the “hungries.”

The adaptation of M.R. Carey’s novel by Scottish director Colm McCarthy reverse the classic subgenre’s narrative, which portrays the undead as a state of devolution, returning man to his base desires of hunger and destruction. 

Pacific Rim

We felt we’d seen plenty of giant robots hitting each other thanks to Michael Bay’s soulless, never-ending Transformers franchise. That is, before Guillermo del Toro tried his hand at the kaiju genre and gave the world a film that gave mecha behemoths a heartbeat.

Monsters of the sea from another world! Pilots who must form a soul bond with their combat robots! Martial arts training! It’s Still Sunny in Philadelphia’s Idris Elba and that one dude! It had all the ingredients for a summer blockbuster: dazzling visuals, big knockout battles, and characters you care about.

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