What are the best movies of the year 2019?

Like every year, top 20 films of 2019 were announced at the end of the year. The films that received the most votes from film critics in 2019 are listed below, rated from most voted to least voted-

A Hidden Life

When Terrence Malick’s “A Hidden Life” debuted this month at the box office, it struggled to make an impact. However, the majority of critics believe that “A Secret Life” is Malick’s best directorial effort since the release of “The Tree of Life.” 

Ad Astra

Brad Pitt is currently the favorite for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards. Thanks to his role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. But, the critics haven’t forgotten that the actor also gave his best performance in “Ad Astra” this year. Pitt’s movie star persona is subverted to profoundly soulful effect in James Gray’s existential character analysis.

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Since its premiere at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, Bi Gan’s “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” has been remembered for its spectacular 55-minute 3D long take. It has wowed the film critics. This year, Kino Lorber released the drama in the United States, and critics praised Bi’s vision.


“Atlantics,” directed by Mati Diop, won the Grand Prix at Cannes. It was chosen to represent Senegal in the Oscar race for Best International Feature Film. This month, the film was named to the official Oscars shortlist. Diop made history at Cannes when she became the first black woman to direct a film in the festival’s In Competition section.

High Life

Claire Denis’ unclassifiable space drama premiered in April. It made such an impact on film critics around the world that it managed to remain in the discussion. Robert Pattinson’s year started with the buzzy “Lighthouse,” but it ended with his wounded and helpless success in “High Life.”


“1917,” directed by Sam Mendes, was one of the last films of the year to be shown to film critics. But it received some of the year’s most enthusiastic reviews. 

Mendes’ World War I drama was filmed by renowned cinematographer Roger Deakins. It was edited by “Dunkirk” aficionado Lee Smith to appear as though the entire runtime was one continuous shot. Many critics believe that “1917” is one of the year’s most significant filmmaking achievements.


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