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Michigan Governor refused to enforce lock-down despite surge in cases!

Coronavirus is taking its toll the second time. Several countries in the world are enforcing lockdown and quarantine rules. Michigan has recorded more than 4000 cases on April 1. The governor, Gretchen Whitmer, held the first Covid meeting after 21 days. The cases in Michigan have quadrupled since the second wave. Health officials and experts from the state have asked for lockdown and strict laws after the surge. But, the Michigan governor doesn’t believe the experts and refused to enforce the lockdown. Despite the rise in the cases in the state, she said there is no need for a lockdown.

“We know now that we’ve got the tools we need to protect ourselves, and it is less of a policy problem that we have and more of a compliance and variants issue that we are confronting as a state,” Whitmer said.

What does the Governor believe?

The Governor of Michigan has instead asked the residents to take care of themselves by wearing masks. She further stated that students should do remote learning. As for traveling, she said responsible citizens should avoid dining at public places for two weeks. They should take full advantage of online services and products.

Governor said, “With the numbers we are seeing now, we simply do not recommend it. You should order takeout, a drive-through service, or do outdoor dining. My family orders takeout multiple times per week.”

There will be no gathering in public places for two weeks. Moreover, all sports programs are being cancelled for at least two weeks. All the Michiganders should avoid large weddings and celebrations. “You should avoid gatherings with multiple households, and if you do have a gathering, it should be small,” said Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, chief medical executive of MDHHS.

Michigan Health Experts’ Say

Health experts across Michigan opposed the governor’s viewpoint. They said that seeing the surge in everyday cases, mask would not help anybody. They need more strict rules to stop the pandemic from spreading. According to the experts, getting a vaccination is not enough as vaccine shots take at least two weeks to show their full effects. “Really what we need to do in those situations is shut things down,” Walensky said.

All the facts point towards lock down, but the state governor is not paying heed to anything.

Whitmer double attack

Whitmer said the countries around the world are in different situations and they know what can stop the pandemic and what can affect us. Therefore enforcing rules is a better option, according to Governor Whitmer. She insisted that Michiganders has all the tools to fight and win against the pandemic. The things that we are facing now are not the same as last year.

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