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What Is Double Masking And Why Is It Important ?

The second wave of a pandemic makes the world weak, and with so many losses, vaccine shots do not provide much scope. In such a scenario, experts are suggesting taking precautions to make themselves and others safe. One necessity is to stay home as much as possible, and the other is washing hands. While stepping outside, the mask is of utmost importance. 

And stepping without masks is non-negotiable in any circumstances. Mask should be treated as an accessory or necessity to curb the pandemic. But if one cover can protect, why not make it two. Yes, most experts say that double masking is necessary and more effective than a single piece.

What is double masking?

 When an individual wears one mask over another cover, then it is called double masking. The outer surface hides the edges, thus preventing infiltration. It also helps in creating a seal with double protection. Covid-19 usually spreads through droplets, so tiny droplets do not penetrate the cover to infect you from other people when a person sneezes. 

 “According to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study, if everyone double-masked, the COVID exposure can be reduced by 96.4 percent,” Dr. Kirti Sabnis, infectious disease specialist, says.

How to do masking?

double masking

There are three types of mask found everywhere :

  • cloth masks
  • surgical masks
  • KN95 masks

So to double mask, you should put the softcover over the solid one or vice versa. The rule is to choose two different types of cloth to cover the mouth adequately.

  • As CDC recommends, there are some things to be kept in mind. They suggest you use a cloth mask then a surgical mask for better protection.
  • The next thing is to avoid combinations that make your breathing process difficult. Do not use two surgical masks, a KN95 mask with another combination or an N95 mask with any other option.
  • Before double masking, check yourself at home for any discomfort in vision, breathing, or fitting.


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