Google New Assistant : Guacamole

Need to get small tasks done without saying, Hey Google, well, the tech giant has something for you. This new feature called Guacamole helps you do simple tasks without waking up the assistant.

Google Guacamole Feature

The company was planning to announce this new feature at the I/O developer conference on May 18, but this Guacamole came as a surprise. It is still the testing version that will help you stop your alarm, reject your calls just by saying Stop. And the best thing is that you do not have to wake up your assistant anymore.

This new feature popped in some user’s mobile phones with Android 11. Many experts have not been able to turn on this feature, but they can predict it very well. 

According to 9to5Google sources, Guacamole will handle small tasks with only a simple word Stop. 

“We’re constantly experimenting with new ways to improve the overall experience with Google Assistant. We have no additional details to share at this time,” Google tells The Verge.

These features have not been confirmed by the tech giant yet, and they could be different at the time of launch. Some coders have interpreted the APK file telling us more about Guacamole. 

This working on version 12.8 of Google application starred around March, and the company is still secretive about its exact features. They have provided some hints in the form of codes like: 

  • Quickly get things done with Guacamole.
  • This describes what the Guacamole toggle toggles.
  • Skip saying “Hey Google” for help with quick tasks.

The development process is still taking place, and it is hard to predict further. But the description says that you will be able to do small tasks without any help from Google assistant.

Guacamole is designed around voice controls so that you do not have to pick up the phone to get small tasks done. 


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