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Google Messages on the Galaxy S21 is getting a slick One-UI design!!

Samsung S21 series mobile phones will get redesigned google messaging application within the line to other Samsung UI software.

Samsung Meets Google Messaging App

As reported by XDA Developers, the home screen now be divided into two parts. One is the information part, and the second one is the conversion links. The info will have an upper area with an information section containing the unread messages. The lower section will contain all the links to the conversation.

Google will partner with Samsung to create this messaging application. This partnership will have one motive that is to create a powerful chat experience for Android users. One UI is heavily themed, so Google tries to make the design simple so that the application doesn’t look out of place.

Since the initial iteration, Samsung Ui has designed all applications with simplicity, and all the sections of the app are easy to navigate. Likewise, the messaging app will have two parts to help the user search their conversation easily.

The new application by Google will be pre-installed as the default in some of the S21 Samsung smartphones. But in countries like the USA, the default application is still from Samsung. The new look of the app will resemble notes or settings application.

When Will The Messaging Service Be Available?

According to, the tech giant has been testing the new messaging application for a longer time. But they say it finally time to look for rollout. But users have to wait for the company to announce the replacement of the Samsung messaging app into the default google app.

An added advantage of using Google messages will help push the RCS Chat feature into the Android platform. But the disadvantage of intermixing google features into the simple UI of Samsung will make it more complicated. The phone will not look like a native one, but Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer said they are redesigning it in such a way so that phone feels like home.




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