Oldest Multicellular Animal Fossil Found!

A missing link of the evolutionary animal has been found in the Scottish Highlands in the form of a fossil. This fossil belongs to the animal which lies between the unicellular and multicellular organisms. It depicts the presence of two types of cells.

The fossil must date back somewhere billion years ago. This fossil can be counted as on of the oldest fossil and it can provide an insight when and how the animals have evolved.

According to the palaeobiologist of the University of Sheffield in the UK, the most important event of the evolution are the origin of the multicellular organisms and the origin of the animals. They put a scope in understanding the evolution in a better way.

They said that they have never seen this kind of fossil before. The fossil was in a primitive spherical shape and were made up of two different types of cells which proves to be the initial phase of evolution of the multi cellular organisms.

These fossil measures about 30 micrometers and was found in Diabaig Formation at Loch Torridon. They are expected to be about 1 billion years old. The fossils were kept intact in a lakebed of ancient times. They were preserved in a remarkable state and sub cellular examination was possible.

They were named as Bicellum brasier and were well preserved that the structures were clearly understandable. They contained tiny rough spherical cells tightly packed together. These cells were further surrounded by sausage shaped cells from outside in a single layer.

Scientists said that the presence of two different types of cells shows the juvenile form of the organism that were preserved while the cells were differentiating.

Other cells of fungus and algae were also found nearby but the Bicellum resembles to the Holozoa which are the closest to unicellular organisms and animals.

Hence, the conclusion can be drawn as Bicellum being the an important organism in Earth’s Evolutionary game. This not only helps in understanding the unicellular organisms and animals but also tells about certain traits exhibited by the animals.

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