How do Snakes Hear? Do they have ears??

The most amazing animals are snakes.  They do no have limbs, have flicking tongue and keep the ability of eating their prey as whole. Although they have eyes yet they prefer using their sense of smell to capture the pray. But the most astonishing thing is that they hear too even though they do not have any visible ears.

This thing was further cleared by a herpetologist of Rutgers University in New Jersey. It is said that snakes do not have any visible ears but they have ear bones in their head which helps them to hear sounds.

The herpetologist said that the internal ears of snakes corresponds to the nuts and bolts of ears. Where as other animals like dogs and cats have proper ears to hear.

Generally ears are split into 3 parts, outer ear which captures the sound and transmits to middle ear and middle ear transmits the vibration into inner ear which are further transformed into nerve impulses.

But earlier studies shows that snakes lack both external and middle ears. They only have one middle ear bone which is further connected to the jaw. Through this snakes hear the vibrations of their preys. Although the vibrations are not so proficient.

As they lack a proper ear, they only hear low frequency sounds and the sound waves a only transmitted through air. Humans can hear sound frequencies ranging between 20 hz to 20,000 hz where as if we talk about the Royal Python, they can only hear frequencies between 80 hz to 160 hz.

According the study, sound is not an important aspect for the snakes. The hissing sound they make falls under the frequencies that they can her and are mainly for their preys like birds.

By concluding one can say that snakes really do not need a perfect ear as they do not depend on the sound. They mainly rely on vibrations and sense of smell to capture their pray. Although they lack ears, they have internalized ears that help them to hear up to certain frequencies.

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