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Google Moves Towards No Password Authorization!

two factor authentication

Google is taking a step towards a secure environment for its users. Now you will have no passwords, so the tech giant is making two factor authentication by default.

Two Factor Authentication To Add Some Security

It is World Passwords Day, and Google points out that passwords are not enough for security. The firm will soon turn its focus to grow security, also known as two factor authentication . If the user account is correctly configured, then the company plans to start the enrolling process soon.

“At Google, keeping you safe online is our top priority, so we continuously invest in new tools and features to keep your personal information safe, including your passwords,” Google’s Mark Risher writes.

“We are already making password management easier and safer, and we’re … creating a future where one day you won’t need a password at all.”

In a blog post, Google authorities confirmed the move. Individuals who have allowed the two factor authentication process will help in log in to their account with a simple tap on the screen. They have to tap on the prompt that will be on their device. According to the security checkup, this process will be made automatic to accounts that have proper settings. 

The company is making all the efforts to provide safe and seamless communication between users and the device. Two-factor security checks will help in tackling the unknown access of accounts by unauthorized persons.

Security without passwords

Passwords create a low bar, and the hacking process is easy for people who breach data. But two factor authentication allows that only the unauthorized device has access to the account. Mobile phones will be the medium to avail the password manager. The system will be available on iOS and android.

Google believes two factor authentication is the push into the future where there will be no password, yet the data would be safe. With countless data breaches and password hacking going on every day, two factors would help vulnerable accounts. Users use the same password for many websites, and this makes the password expose to anyone. But changing the password in the security check ensures no one logins your account from anywhere.