Oxford University study says no amount of Alcohol is ‘safe’ for brain!

According to the new research conducted by the Oxford University, no amount of alcohol is safe for the brain. Often people believe that after a stressful day at work, a glass of wine will relieve stress, but now this research claims this as harmful.

University Research mentioned above was conducted on 25,000 people, and hence the results were compiled. Oxford University further stated that “no safe dose of alcohol for the brain was found. Moderate consumption is associated with more widespread adverse effects on the brain than previously recognized.”

The data collected from the research showed that a small amount of alcohol could cause decay in brain matter. Alcohol can affect the brain severely, with other effects like smoking and obesity will lead to further deterioration.

The decline in brain matter could further affect the vital organs. Organs that are essential for the body may be affected by alcohol intake. The preliminary results are printed on the medRxiv server, and they are not yet published in any magazine.

“There’s no threshold drinking for harm – any alcohol is worse [than not drinking at all],” said lead author Dr. Anya Topiwala.
“Pretty much the whole brain seems to be affected, not just specific areas, as previously thought.”

According to NHS, both men and women should not ever consume more than 14 units of drinks. One team will equal around half a pint of average strength beer. If people consume more than 14 units of alcohol, they should incorporate alcohol-free days into their lifestyle.

Overdose of drinks can also lead to sexually transmitted diseases as well as violent behavior in many people. At the same time, research has also stated that excessive drinking can lead to heart diseases, strokes, or even cancers.

It could result in bad cholesterol that can block arteries. People above the age of 54 are severely affected as compared to other age groups.


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