cable car crash in italy

Car Cable Crash kills 12 people in Italy!

Twelve people died in an Italy cable car accident on Sunday morning. A group of people was riding the cable car in Stresa-Mottarone. This cable car connects the town of Stresa situated on Lake Maggiore, which lies in the Mottarone mountain in the Piedmont region.

According to the National Alpine Speleological Rescue Corps authorities, which were in charge of rescue operations, the area is located in the woods. Apart from the deaths, three people were injured, including two kids.

Italy’s fire department posted some on-site pictures where first responders were seen surrounding the mangled cable car. Responders found the cable car between the trees and cables were severely damaged.

The cable of the car snapped after travelling for 20 minutes from Lido di Stresa piazza over Lake Maggiore to the Mottarone station. The cable car was to travel 1,491 meters above sea level at the top of the mountain.

Helicopters were sent to emergencies. They were lowered into the alpines to the crash site then victims were evacuated from the place. Italian prime minister Mario Draghi sent his condolence to all the victims’ families.

“I learned with deep sorrow the news of the tragic accident of the Stresa-Mottarone cable car. I express the condolences on behalf of the whole government to the families of the victims, with a special thought for the children who were seriously injured and their families,” the statement read.

Italian prime minister is also taking all the updates from the authorities. Minister of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility Enrico Giovannini is also giving details to the prime minister. The cause of this incident remains unclear, but according to the local reports, the cable car may have fallen from 300m (984ft) from the mountain top, thus causing this much damage. Each cable car was capable of carrying 40 passengers, and after a long time, the service reopened in Italy.


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