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Instagram lets users hide likes to reduce social media pressure!

Instagram and Facebook plan to implement a feature that will let us hide those glittering figures, also known as likes. Instagram already has the option to hide the comment section and allow only likes. Users can now cover those alluring and changeable numbers that are sometimes the hidden measure of popularity.

According to the social media giant, they aim to “depressurize people’s experience” on the Instagram platform. Users who will have this feature enabled can see the name of the person who has liked the post. And instead of numbers, there will be others displayed on the posts.

Instagram is testing this tool in many countries since 2019, but now it will be rolled out globally. “This has taken longer than I had hoped, but I am pretty excited about… giving people more control over the experience,” Instagram’s boss Adam Mosseri told the BBC.

The social media giant believes that these figures are the cause of concern and helps in building pressure. And this platform becomes the means of insecurity and poor mental health.

Despite this, Mr. Mosseri said Instagram – which is owned by Facebook – introduced the feature to make “people feel good about the time they spend” on the platform.

Instagram announced that this feature will be finally available for everyone. Now users can hide others like on public posts one at a time. And this feature is optional for users, and they can decide whether to implement it or not.

According to the research and survey, users believe that racking up likes and comparing posts to others is sometimes too stressful and unhealthy. Some users also believe that although they are confident individuals, they feel insecure about posts that do well or gain more likes.

Users who got the chance to enable this feature felt secure, and their experience has become more enjoyable. A professor of information systems and decision sciences at California State University believes that likes are like rewards everyone is running after. And if they far behind, they feel sad and unhappy.

Sometimes likes are not a bad thing, but it is how people interact with specific posts. But this becomes a competition too.

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