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Gmail adds ‘Save to Photos’ feature!

Google plans to add a new save button, and it will help users press that and automatically save those photos in an email format. The company has announced the details that it is rolling out this new feature in google photos. 

Gmail users, Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business users can use this feature, along with the existing ” add to the drive ” option. But for now, this feature is for saving JPEG images only, not PNG images. 

Google is planning to close free services on first June, and this will help users save their photos automatically without hassle. 1 June, all the options to store high-quality images for free will vanish and which is replace by a 15 GB cap. 

One thing to note is all photos saved before this date will not matter, and everything will start fresh. In other words, it’s time to smash that free storage with photographs while it is still available. 

Most of the Google features work very effectively as long as you ignore those various messaging clients. Gmail has a feature to save photos as attachments but as photos function will no longer be intertwined with adding the ” save to Photos ” option is an exceptional idea. 

Moving an image from Gmail to Google photos will follow similar steps that Drive has supported for years. If your account has an access feature, you can move your arrow to a message to find an option. And if you like to open your photos in full-screen mode, this option will help you shift images in an overflowing manner. 

One thing that is not there is when there will be an official launch of the feature in the Gmail tab, and Google’s blog post has only showcased the glimpse. They have explained the interface where users have to transfer images one by one.


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