Google Weather gets a Material Theme design refresh!!

The Google Weather page in the Google app is undergoing a minor design update, but instead of following the new Material You design language that Google recently demonstrated at the 2021 I/O conference, it has been updated in accordance with the previous guidelines of Material Theme. 

In Telegram’s GooglePixels group, he recently discovered the redesigned Google Weather page and shared the following screenshots. As you can see, there is a new search bar on the updated Google Weather page with a profile picture in the upper right corner. You can tap it to quickly change your account, select temperature units, or access other settings. For those who don’t know, the current layout has a hamburger menu icon in the upper left corner of the search bar, which contains the “count” and “temperature” settings. 

In addition to the new menu design, the background of the “Google Weather” page has also undergone minor updates. Although it will still show frogs in different scenes according to the weather and time of day, it now has a different artistic style. The attached GIF below further indicates that the redesign will not affect the “tomorrow” and “10 days” labels. Swiping up on the “Today” tab will still display other weather information on the current layout. 

The updated design seems to be achieved through a server-side update because most of our devices (even the latest version of Google) cannot use the update. The beta version of the application ( Currently, we are not sure when the redesigned Google Weather page will attract more users. We will update this post as soon as the widespread deployment begins. 

As mentioned above, the updated Google Weather page follows Google’s older material theme design language. This is really surprising because Google just announced a new version of its design language called Material You at I/O this month. Therefore, Google may release another redesigned plan for the “Google Weather” page in the next few months.

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