‘Friends’ Reunion Censored By The Chinese, Cutting Guest Stars !

Fans were having a treat when their favorite stars from the series Friends reunited. The show was filled with glitz and glamour. Everyone was loving this reunion, but the central Chinese government is not.

On three Chinese platforms, various versions were dropped featuring the singer Lady Gaga, Popstar Justin Bieber, and South Korea’s favorite boyband BTS. The clips vary in length observers believed that some of them were trim down likely to demonstrate censorship.

Many things were axed in the Chinese version, as confirmed by the fans. Lady Gaga met spiritual leader Dalai Lama, and this meeting was not available for Chinese fans. In another event, Justin Bieber posted a photo of Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, which honors dead people of the war, including war criminals.

South Korea Boyband BTS has been annoying Chinese authorities for a long time. And from their clothes, hairstyles, virtues, and not to mention China Korean war sacrifices, they forgot to tell in detail.
There were loads of missing things for Chinese Friends fans.

Some of them include Lady Gaga’s duet with Lisa Kudrow on Smelly Cat, recollections told by BTS when they were young, Phoebe’s lasting contribution to western culture, and Justin Bieber’s appearance as “Spudnik.”The special was popular in China, and fans anticipating the reunion, but the censorship spoiled the show.

“This is insane, if you introduce the show to China, don’t cut the scene. If you have to cut it, then don’t introduce it. What’s the point of eating this castrated content?” one fan wrote on social media. But more nationalistic comrades backed the censorship.

The Friends Reunion show was a two-hour special episode. The cast assembled after 17 long years and filled with emotions and nostalgic memories. The show was for the fans, but some were disappointed due to government authorities.



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