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‘Final Fantasy XVI’ Release Details, Launch Platform, Trailer, Gameplay, And More

Final Fantasy XVI has long since been ranking high in the Famitsu Most Wanted Charts. The game is further shaping to amongst the other ambitious titles from Square Enix. 

As of now, there’s a small amount of information available on the highly anticipated title. However, that has changed since the trailer, and the game’s official teaser site released some info. As a result, we have some further facts on the upcoming “Final Fantasy” game, including on which platforms it may debut and what gameplay it will provide.

What is the Release Date of Final Fantasy XVI?

So far, no definite details are forthcoming from the video game developing company and entertainment conglomerate Square Enix connected to the release date of “Final Fantasy XVI.”

Until the end of its financial year in March 2022, Square Enix will be working on a new IP. Word on the street is that the corporation has committed to developing its original titles until April 2020. These names could suggest, “The title “Dragon Quest 12” will not be released until the latter half of 2022,” or “Final Fantasy XVI” will not come out until later in 2022.”

A release date or release window for Final Fantasy XVI was not mentioned at the PlayStation 5 Showcase Event where the game was presented. However, according to the edition of the Triple Click podcast featuring Bloomberg writer Jason Schreier, the game is likely to release shortly.

Jason claims he’s spoken with people who are “familiar with the game’s development.” And that it has “been in development for at least four years in some capacity.” As a result, he believes it’s “coming sooner than people think.” While this is quite vague, it could mean we see the game released in late 2021.

Square Enix confirmed that “basic development and scenario production have already been completed.” So, the game isn’t in its early stages of development by any means. This is undoubtedly good news, as it implies that Square Enix didn’t just announce the game before development had begun. Otherwise, we would be waiting half a decade for FFXVI to release.

Translation of a Brazilian Trailer

As per a translation of a Brazilian trailer showcasing footage of PlayStation 5 games. A hidden line within it suggest that the Final Fantasy XVI would exclusively be limited to PS5. the translated version of the line reads as follows:

“Not available on other platforms for a limited time after launching on PS5.” On the PS5 website, something similar is also written under the Final Fantasy XVI entry: “Not available on other consoles for a limited time.” This almost certainly confirms Final Fantasy XVI will be coming to other platforms at some point.


Hiroshi Takai, who has previously worked on Final Fantasy XIV, is leading development on Final Fantasy XVI. The director of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, was also named as a producer in the credits. Many MMO fans have described the new update to Final Fantasy XIV, Shadowbringers, as one of the most extraordinary Final Fantasy experiences ever.

Many critics have given statements regarding this game in agreement with Kyle Campbell at IGN, who believes “Shadowbringers has only further solidified XIV’s status as one of the greatest Final Fantasy games ever made.” So far, the game has received a surprising 90/100 on Metacritic, making it the most acclaimed title in the series since the PS2 era. 

Many fans are enthusiastic about what Takai and Yoshida can do with the game, and their excitement precedes as Final Fantasy XVI is in capable hands. It will feature a story about mystical gems and their power. This is one of the most regularly used concepts in the Final Fantasy series.

On the other hand, Final Fantasy XVI appears to be throwing a curveball with the game’s design. The phrase “The legacy of the crystals has spanned our history for far too long” is commonly employed in the game’s marketing. ThisIsXel also learned that the game would get a Mature ESRB classification, given the graphic nature of the trailer’s unveiling.

Everything comes together to produce a different kind of story. Final Fantasy games have regularly been darker, but Final Fantasy XVI appears to be quite rebellious, aggressive, and brutal.

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay 

The turn-based combat systems of the Final Fantasy series are well-known. This, however, has shifted dramatically over the years. Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns, released in 2013, introduced a significantly more dynamic battle system centered on well-timed blocks, attacks, particular actions, and dodges.

This began to evolve even further when Final Fantasy XV introduced an entirely new fighting style, incorporating hack-and-slash mechanisms that allowed players to teleport around arenas, combo foes, and switch between different weapons in the middle of a fight.

Square Enix developed a fantastic marriage between active combat and turn-based decision-making with the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake this year. Players can freely slash across the field, but when they use an ability, time stops, and they have the option to choose.

Based on the teaser, Final Fantasy XVI will most likely continue the pattern of aggressive fighting. It was evident that the player was doing combinations against adversaries, but without a complete demo display, it isn’t easy to discern how these mechanics function. I certainly hope we can expect a fluid control approach with unprecedented control accuracy in the series.

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