The Serpent Season 2

The Serpent Season 2: Will it Really Happen?

The BBC One & Netflix show the Serpent is based on the real-life story of an infamous con artist Charles Sobhraj. Regardless of what the fans desire, the show appears to be a standalone limited series. However, fans are still hopeful because the subject’s fate will truly determine whether will make a The Serpent Season 2 or not.

The Serpent Season 2: Latest Updates

Until now, Netflix or BBC One has no official words regarding the continuation of the series for a second installment. Currently, as you must have seen from the eight-episode series cover almost all legal aspects of Sobhraj’s life and ends on the scene that he’s still imprisoned in a jail in Kathmandu.

According to the latest insights, unless there’s some significant improvement in the case of Sobhraj, there are no chances of a second season. However, there are chances that they can turn the show into an anthology series that will focus on the story of another killer in part 2, but it seems doubtful as well. 

So, as far as 2021 is involved, The Serpent season 2 doesn’t seem like happening. However, we can’t say anything about 2022, so there’s still hope for the fans.

The Serpent Season 2


The Serpent cast includes the highly acclaimed French star Tahar Rahim playing the role of vicious murderer Charles Sobhraj. Whereas Jenna Coleman plays the role of his lover Marie Andree Leclerc Monique and the Dutch diplomat Herman that hunts him down, Billy Howle portrays him. Other cast members include Ellie Bamber, Mathilde Warnier, Damon Herriman, and Tim Mclnnerny. 

The Serpent Season 2 Plot

The critically acclaimed series is based on actual events during the 1970s following the life of the shady serial killer Charles Sobhraj. The plot of the series follows him as he robs tourists in Asia, doing drugs, and murders thinking how he can outsmart the authorities. 

The plot of the series follows the glamourous life of Sobhraj, depicting his narcissistic behavior. But it doesn’t highlight the psychological factors that motivate him to do so. Instead, the eight episodes of the series cleverly cover the chronicles of Sobhraj’s crimes and the events that led to his capture.

The series also explains how Sobhraj can live as a free man in France, but he chooses to return to Kathmandu, where he was ultimately captured. Part 1 ended with Sobhraj being captive in a cell in Kathmandu. If season 2 happens, it is expected to revolve around the events leading to sobhraj’s escape from jail.

Frequently Asked Questions

we are going to answer some of the most searched queries by the fans.

Is Serpent based on a real story?

Yes, the series is based on a real-life story. It revolves around the life story of a Eurasian serial killer who killed many tourists during the 1970s. 

Will there be a Serpent season 2?

Currently, the chances of The Serpent season 2 are pretty meek. Because both Netflix or BBC One hasn’t renewed the franchise.

Where is Charles Sobhraj now?

Once Interpol’s most wanted man Charles Sobhraj is to date imprisoned in Nepal. He’s 76 years old at the moment and has had many heart surgeries. 

How many episodes are there in The Serpent Season 2?

Part one of the series contains eight episodes altogether.

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