Kim’s Convenience season 6

Kim’s Convenience season 6 Release Date, Latest Update and Cancellation

Everyone’s favorite Canadian sitcom, Kim’s convenience, is going to end with a season 5.  We won’t be seeing any Kim’s Convenience season 6. Ever since its debut in 2016, Kim’s convenience has won the hearts of its viewers. The witty way in which the writers created the characters instantly wins everyone’s love.

Although the show’s current audience score and rating are pretty good. It has 85% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.2 on IMDB. It’s not going to continue. The show has a strong, robust, and dedicated fanbase which made it running for the past 5 seasons. 

But unfortunately, this hilarious ensemble will end with the fifth season that premiered in April 2021. So, to keep all the fans updated on the current status and the show’s future, we’re going to tell you everything we know about Kim’s Convenience season 6.

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Kim’s Convenience season 6: Latest update

Earlier this year, an announcement on the show’s official account was made. According to this announcement, it was clear that the show would end with the upcoming season 5. This official statement made it pretty clear that CBC will end the series for good, and the decision is pretty concrete.

Kim’s Convenience season 6

Well, after getting this official statement, there are literally few chances to get Kim’s convenience season 6. Moreover, the final season, i.e., season 5, has already tied many loose ends. However, the fans are still hoping for Kim’s convenience to come back with a season 6. Because several other shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine came back after cancellation. So, we can still hope that the CBC will renew the series for another season.

Why Season 6 is Cancelled?

Generally, shows and series cancel when they aren’t performing well. But this isn’t the case with this spectacular comedy. The show is performing really well, and even the ratings on different platforms such as Rotten Tomatoes & IMDB have been pretty good. 

However, the producers have decided to discontinue as two co-creators of the show were parting ways after the 5th season. Therefore, during March 2021, a bombshell dropped on the fans stating there won’t be any more seasons of Kim’s convenience. As per the officials, “with two of our co-creators leaving the show by the end of season 5, we’re going to end the series. The successful portrayal of an authentic story made Kim’s convenience the show it is, and we believe that we can’t deliver the same show anymore. So, finally, we are going to say goodbye to the show.”    

As the show’s been canceled due to the leaving of creators, so the chances for Kim’s convenience season 6 are quite meek.

Well, this is all the information we have about the show currently, and we’ll keep you updated regarding any future developments. For the latest updates and insights on your favorite shows, keep on following us!

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