Tokyo Raven Season 2

Tokyo Raven Season 2: Latest Update Is It Really Cancelled?

Tokyo Raven is one of those anime series that started with a ‘meh’ but ended with a ‘yeah.’ It is one of those anime that are really fun to watch and leave the viewer deeply involved with it. Season one of the series consisted of twenty-four episodes and was available on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, KBS, tvk, TV Aichi & AT-X BS11. So let’s read further about Tokyo Raven Season 2.

Tokyo Raven Season 2: Is it Cancelled?

Although the ranking of the series hasn’t been that bad, it has an overall 8.5/10 Rating Graph ranking and 7.5/10 IMDb score, which you can’t say is horrible. However, the declining profits that the agency earns from the series is something that the fans worry about.  

As the anime follows the light novel’s plot, creators depend on the storyline of the line novel to work for the anime’s plot. Unfortunately, the speed at which the light novels are being released is languid. And due to the delay in the source material, there’s no progress on the anime’s season 2.

Moreover, the decreasing revenues that the series generates is another major issue in its delay. If in the coming year the sales increase and show some profit only, then we can hope for a Tokyo Raven season 2 in 2022. Otherwise, the chances are really little for a season 2 of the series to happen.

However, the officials responsible for the production of the series are still silent on the matter. Therefore, we can’t say anything because there are no news, PR, statements, and tweets about it to date.

Tokyo Raven Season 2

If Tokyo Raven Season 2 Happens, Then What Can You Expect?

The series follows the story of Onmyodou Magic and shamans, along with a bit of romance. It has everything that one desires in an anime. 

Now, if you ask us what will happen in season 2 of Tokyo Raven if it’s ever going to happen, then let’s look at the facts. First of all, Studio 8bit produced these series in 2014. And they have used volumes 1 to 9 of the light comics for creating the existing season one of the anime. Well, this leaves us with seven volumes at hand to use for a sequel. 

Factually speaking, seven volumes are a lot of material for the sequel when other anime such as Konosuba season 3 only uses two volumes for creating ten complete episodes.

However, as the light novel Tokyo Raven is still going on, we aren’t short on source material.

Characters Expected to be Seen in Tokyo Raven Season 2

Having said this, let’s take a look at some of the characters that we can expect to see again if there’s a Tokyo Raven Season 2.

Natsume Tsuchimikado

Natsume is one of the series’s main characters who is the son of a Tsuchimikado clan’s branch family. Although the clan has extreme magical powers, Natsume is an exception as he is born without magic.

Harutora Tsuchimikado

Harutoma is another main character of the series. He’s the son of Yasuzumi Tsuchimiksdo, and people consider him to be Yakou’s reincarnation. 

Suzuka Dairenji

The innocent-looking girl Suzuka is, in reality, the most wanted criminal in the anime. She’s basically after the powers of the Tsuchimikado family. So, her target is mainly Natsume, and we can see her playing tricks to trap him. 

Touji Atro

Touji is that famous character in the anime that you always see wearing a green bandanna. He’s the character who has the power to smell out spirits and supernatural beings near him.

Kyouko Kurahashi

Kyouko isn’t only a main character in the anime but is also one of the top achievers in the academy. 

Tenma Momoe

Tenma’s a new student who has recently joined the academy and became friends with Touji & Harutora during their first day of training.

Apart from these main characters, you can also expect to see Akino Souma, Jin Ohtomo, Miyo Kurahashi & Mako Fujino.

This is all the information we were able to gather so far regarding Tokyo Raven season 2. Keep following us to keep yourself updated about the latest anime news. If you want to know about any other anime, please reach out to us in the comment sections below & we’ll do our best to fulfill your demand.

Let’s hope that we will see the next phase of Natsume & Harutora’s love story sometime soon. Till then, take care <3!

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