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Moana 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Disney movies have always been a treasure trove of happiness for the viewers. Disney never fails to fascinate the fans with its shrewdly animated movies. Moana is also one of the Disney masterpieces. Now, fans are waiting to watch Moana 2.

Moana is a US-based 3D animated musical adventure film. Ron Clements and John Musker were the directors, and Walt Disney Animation Studios was the producer of the Moana.

The movie hit the screen in 2016 and instantly became a benchmark for Disney. Net earnings of the film grossed $643 million worldwide.

The film got nominated for the Best Original Song at the 2017 Oscars and Best-Animated Feature Film of the Year.

All this fascinated the fans. Now, they are waiting for the film Moana 2

However, the Makers have not confirmed Moana 2 yet. 

We are here with all the latest updates about Moana 2. Read the full article to end your curiosity.

Updates About The Release Date Of The Film Moana 2:

The most asked question from the fans after the magnificent success of Moana is- Is Moana 2 going to release in 2021?

But, with a heavy heart, I have to tell you that the Makers have not made any official announcement of Moana 2 yet.

Moana released in the USA on November 23, 2016. However, A digital release of Moana occurred on February 21, 2017.

Some of the sources across the web suggest that the production house is regularly in touch with Dwayne Johnson (Maui) and Auli’I (Moana) about Moana 2.

But as we know, the COVID 19 pandemic has affected every sector of the economy. So the filming of Moana can start after some delay.

We will be updating all the latest news related to the release date of Moana 2.

moana 2

Who Will Be The Part Of Moana 2-

Get ready to see many of our favorite characters in the thrilling animated film Moana 2. The cast of Disney’s upcoming movie will include-

  • Auli’I Cravalho will be back as Moana, the strong-willed and curious daughter of village chief Tui.
  • Dwayne Jhonson will be back as Maui, a legendary heroic shape-shifting demigod who sets off with Moana on her journey.
  • Rachel House will be back as Tala, mother to Tui, Moana’s paternal grandmother.
  • Temuera Marrison will be returning as Tui, Moana’s father, chief of Motunui Island.
  • Nicole Scherzinger will be playing Sina, Moana’s mother and wife of Tui.
  • Alan Tudyk will return as Heihei, Moana’s pet.
  • Louise Bush will return as Toddler Moana.
  • Chris Jackson will be giving Tui’s singing voice.
  • Oscar Kightley will act as a fisherman.

What will be the storyline of Moana 2? 

The storyline of Moana’s film revolves around an adventurous and curious girl chosen by the ocean to bring together a transcendental relic with the goddess Te Fiti. Once the occasion, where a bright blazing light hits her island, she starts to search for Maui, a legendary demigod with the expectation of returning the relic to Te Fiti and protecting her people. 

Together they go on a journey across filled with all the adventures at the open sea. They face giant monsters and impossible obstacles. Along the way, Moana concludes the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers one thing she has always searching for: her own identity.

Makers have not revealed anything about the beginning of Moana 2. But as the end of the first movie explicated Moana’s triumphant return following her epic adventure, We can easily consider that the second movie will start from this point.

Information about the Trailer Teaser of the film Moana 2:

Walt Disney pictures have not revealed anything about the trailer of Moana 2. But we can expect one soon.

There are many fan-made trailers available on Youtube, but they all are just a hypothesis. 

We have to wait for an official trailer.

We will update this section as soon as we get any official announcement regarding the trailer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What were the ratings Of Moana on various online platforms?

When Moana released in the US, It became the fourth highest-grossing film for the Disney network. Fans loved Moana. Here are the ratings-

Is Moana a good choice for children to watch?

Parent Previews has given this movie a rating of 4 stars out of 5. You can read the full review on Parent Previews

The film has a negligible amount of violence, sexuality, and profanity.


Moana is a musical animated movie that reminds us that the magic of Disney movies has always stayed on over the years. Moana gives you nostalgia for the ones of old. It is a Disney character that does it on her own, great story and idea. The music is fun, inspiring, and moving at just the perfect moments. 

What was your reaction after watching Moana?

Stay tuned with us for the latest updates about Moana 2.

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