Black Mirror Season 6-  Is It Renewed Or Canceled?

More than three years have passed since the last installment of Black Mirror came into the picture. Charlie Brooker and Anabel Jones, the creator of the shows in an interview, said that they are taking a break from work to work on the new season amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to reports, many big names have joined the casting list for Season 6..

The makers have been very secretive about the story that they air. However, we know for sure that, again, it will be throwing light on the dark side of present and futuristic technology.

According to reports from different sources, the production quality of Black Mirror season 6 will be better than in the previous seasons. In fact, each episode will be treated as an individual movie.

Know before you go

We guess that the upcoming season will be available next year. We will confirm the release date once it is officially announced. Till then...