ChapelWaite Season 2 in development at Epix

ChapelWaite Season 2 in development at Epix

The Vampire Series, Chapelwaite by Epix, will finally be making a comeback with Season 2. Chapelwaite Season 1 was inspired by Jerusalem Lot, a short story written by Stephen King.

Chapelwaite has enjoyed some tremendous positive reception from its audience. The fantastic response has paved the way for Season 2. The release date of Season 2 is

Chapelwaite is an exciting tale surrounding Captain Charles Boone set in the 1850s. The beginning shows the Captain shifting into the Chapelwaite mansion with his three children. The mansion is a victim of superstitious claims incited by locals, given their dislike for the Boone family.

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Hopefully, most of them will be reprising their roles in Season 2. These include: – Honor Bane, played by Jennifer Ans – Loa Boone, played by Sirena Gulamgaus – Tane Boone, played by Ian Ho – Samuel Gallup, played by Eric Peterson

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