El Dragon Season 3 Has a Confirmed Release Date in October 2022

El Dragon is a successful crime drama television series. It has successfully enjoyed two seasons and 82 episodes, and the fans cannot help but wonder when El Dragon Season 3 will be airing.

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it is believed that the work for El Dragon Season 3 has begun, and we might see Season 3 airing in....

The television show belongs to the genre of action, adventure, and drama and revolves around Miguel Garza. As a child lost his parents when they were murdered, and soon after that, he was sent to Japan. He was trained there in martial arts, and further, he became a highly-demanded financial consultant.

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The following cast are expected to return for El Dragon Season 3: – Sebastian Rulli as Miguel Garza – Renata Notni as Adela Cruz – Manuel Balbi as Hector Bernal – Cassandra as Chisca Garza – Juan Pablo Gil as Jorge Garza – Roberto Mateos as Epigmenio Moncada Additional cast members who might return for the third season as Mauricio Pimenteland....