Extraction 2 Coming Soon

The movie belongs to the action and thriller genre. The first movie, Extraction, was released in 2020, becoming the most-watched original film in the service.

He is now back with his team to work on the next mission after suffering grievous wounds in his mission in Dhaka. In Extraction 2, he is on a mission to extract a family at the mercy of a Georgia gangster.

Extraction 2 was announced in May 2020. The movie’s shooting took place in Australia, Austria and Czech Republic. The filming of the movie commenced in November 2021.

In addition, of course, there are many additional casts too. Many of the previous casts are absent from Extraction 2 because the film has a different touch and colour schematic.

Extraction 2 will not be the last movie in the franchise. The Russos are planning to expand the franchise beyond it.