After two years worth of wait, fans believe that Fire Force Season 3 may finally be around the corner. The show’s storyline follows the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ohkubo.

Fire Force has an impressive rating of 7.6 out of 10 on IMDb. It received good reviews from both audiences and critics alike. Therefore, renewing it for a third installment seemed like a no-brainer.

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The officials has yet to reveal the exact cast for Fire Force Season 3. Nonetheless, considering the events of the 2nd season and the story of the manga, it is possible to predict the next season.

Fire Force Season 3 would likely release sometime in early or mid-2023. This season may be the final season for the anime series.

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if the series follows in the footsteps of Bleach or Naruto, then it may go into filler territory and release further editions as well.

The background of the series starts with The Great Cataclysm that occurred over 250 years ago. The fictional event destroyed half of humanity.

Named, “spontaneous Human Combustion”, it converted humans into the “Internals” (mentally dead creatures). Those that lived took asylum in Tokyo Empire.

Skipping to the year 198, the Empire gathered a team of firefighters knowns as the “Fire Force” to control the number of Internals.

The protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, is part of this Fire Force, having special abilities to light his feet on fire.

The official trailer for Fire Force Season 3 is not out yet. However, this is no surprise because, beyond confirmation about the third season’s status, not much information is out either.