Is Kelly Osbourne pregnant?

Kelly Osbourne’s pregnant body wore a black maxi dress that she totally rocked with the plunging neckline. Shades and her lilac locks completed her look.

Sharon later reposted the sonogram picture of Kelly Osbourne pregnant evidence. The caption said that his heart could not be more full. 

Now she is happy that so many things have changed in just one year and that is the power of your work to improve your life. Finally, she thanked everyone who supported her during the journey.

Kelly Osbourne is pregnant with Sid Wilson’s child. They first met in 19999 during a Slipknot tour with Ozzfest.

Ozzy, her father, while commenting on Kelly’s pregnancy, said that she is big and beautiful. He further revealed that as a grandad, the first thing he would give to his grandchild is a microphone.