Is Kid Cudi really a gay?

Is Kid Cudi really a gay?

With a net worth of $16 million, he is living quite a comfortable life. And it is true that he built his career from scratch. Recently many people have suspected him of being gay.

To answer this question, we must first give you the background of why people have accused him of being gay. It looks like these rumours stem from his dressing style.

Kid Cudi recently dressed as a bride with a veil and a complete wedding dress. Not only this, but in the past as well, his dressing sense has been quite questionable. But it looks like the rapper does not care about it much.

His actions have reflected that he does not shy away from accepting his sexuality, but up to date, he has not clearly spoken up about his sexuality.

As Cudi is already suffering emotionally due to his friendship with Kanye, he hasn’t made any public statements lately. Most of them were concerned with his stance and how he did not want to do anything with Kanye anymore.