Kid Cudi and Kanye friendship

Both have revealed their side of the statements, which has made the matter public now. But are their fans happy with their stance? And is there any hope for Kid Cudi and Kanye friendship now? Continue reading to find out!

He moved to Brooklyn and worked hard to make his dream real. It was the year 2008 when he first released his debut mixtape called ‘A Kid Named Cudi.’

Their friendship isn’t always great; they had a few disagreements in the past too. But with time, they learned to forget things.

It all started when West announced publicly that Kid Cudi would not be on his album Donda 2. This was when the hell broke loose. Kanye was going feral on his social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) because of his divorce.

On 19th April 2022, Kid Cudi made it official that Kanye is not his friend anymore. One of his songs with Pusha came out, which had Kanye involved in it.