Kung Fu Season 3 Cast of Supernatural and Legacies

We’ll not only get to see the new cast members, but one dead character from the second season will also return as a series regular in Kung Fu Season 3.

A while ago, the news broke on the internet that Ben Levine and Kim Rhodes will join the series as recurring characters. It seemed too good to be true.

Ben Levine will join the show as Bo. he is a barista! He’ll start liking Nicky and will eventually try his best to make her notice that.

The company develops an interest in Harmony Dumplings, due to which they send Carrie as a representative to Mei Lei. However, Mei turns down the offer. But Carrie somehow convinces her.

When she died in the second season, it only marked the end of one phase of her life. Another even more interesting phase of her life awaits her in the threequel.