When will Pokemon Journeys’ Episode 121 be released?

The previous episode left the story on a very crucial point; Satoshi almost became the best pokemon trainer. However, the episode ended there.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 121 will release on Netflix on 12th August 2022. It will become available for Japanese and US fans at different times. The episode will go on air for Japanese fans at 18:55 hrs.

There will be two pairs who will fight against each other. And the one who qualifies from each pair will go on to the finals. The semi-finalists include Satoshi and Sinora. Plus, Dande and Carne.

As the episode will continue the story from the previous one expect the majority of the voice cast to return.

So, that was everything you needed to know about Pokémon Journey’s Episode 121. Don’t forget to tune in on 12th August. For more updates, stay tuned!