Editorial Policy

At Chronicles News, we strive to uphold rigorous journalistic standards to deliver distinct and high-caliber articles and news to our audience. You acknowledge and agree to adhere to these standards by writing for us. Please be aware that failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the rejection of your submission. By submitting your work to us, you are entering into an agreement that requires your written consent to this policy.

Corrections Policy

Chronicles News stands firm on the foundation of transparency and honesty, thereby committing to swiftly rectifying any inaccuracies. Emphasizing the importance of both the comprehensiveness and immediacy of information, Chronicles News equally prioritizes accuracy, ensuring timely corrections are made when necessary.

Dedicated to informing our readers of any inaccuracies, regardless of their scale, Chronicles News emphasizes the importance of the error and swiftly provides accurate updates once an error is acknowledged.

When an error is discovered in any content, Chronicles News is prompt in securing the accurate details and ensures that corrections are prominently displayed within the content. These corrections will encompass:

  • The accurate information.
  • The initial information was incorrect as it was published.
  • The date (and, if applicable, the time) for the correction.
  • A straightforward method for reporting article errors, including providing an email address and a form for contacting us at the start of each article.

When errors cannot be corrected directly within the article’s content, clarifications are prominently displayed in the article’s final paragraph. Instead of entirely removing content that contains an error, an explicit acknowledgment and explanation of the mistake are provided to maintain transparency.

Fact-Checking Policy

Chronicles News is dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of all statistical and technical data by cross-verifying with source documents or explicitly mentioning the information source. This diligence may require consulting with external experts or primary information sources and validating them with relevant content excerpts.

Chronicles News is committed to the integrity of its content, taking all necessary steps to verify the information its writers present. Recognized globally, Chronicles News acknowledges the critical importance of scrutinizing claims, engaging in thoughtful analysis, and maintaining the highest standards of accuracy in all its reporting efforts.

Chronicles News advises its contributors to bear in mind the following guidelines when creating content:

  • Credit, acknowledge, and verify your information’s source(s).
  • Consider whether you know enough about the information to qualify as a trustworthy source.
  • Think critically when addressing claims.
  • Never make assumptions.

We trust our contributors’ integrity and the accuracy of the information in our publication. However, should an error occur, we acknowledge the importance of admitting responsibility and are committed to rectifying inaccuracies promptly. As such, we invite our readers, contributors, and their sources to share feedback on any aspect of our content, ensuring we uphold the standards of accuracy and transparency.

Ethics Policy


We mandate that all submissions be entirely original and capable of passing Copyscape and additional plagiarism detection services. Contributors are required to submit only content that has never been published before for our editors’ approval. The primary aim should be to craft content that enriches our readers. Submissions found plagiarized or derived from previously published articles will face rejection, and engaging in such practices could jeopardize the status of your contributor or author account.

Claims and Data

Every piece of data and claim in an article must be thoroughly vetted before publication. We do not accept false claims or biased data. Our commitment is to ensure that all data published on our website is publicly accessible and validated by credible sources. Writers must attribute data, statistics, and claims to their original source, linking directly to the website where they were initially published.

It’s imperative to support your claims with empirical evidence. This can include incorporating images, graphs, and screenshots to substantiate your statements. If there are no authoritative websites or experts to corroborate your claim, it’s advisable to refrain from including it in your article.


Every article submitted should deliver significant value to our readers, guided by a clear purpose that underscores this value. Our objective is to furnish articles that relay the latest news and assist our audience in grasping the subtleties of different businesses and technologies. All articles must maintain a stance of complete impartiality, with no endorsements or promotional content related to any currency, market, or company allowed.

Promotions and Marketing

Articles must not include any claims or information that serve marketing or promotional objectives regarding any technology, business, or individual. Your articles’ titles, subheadings, and body must always remain straightforward and neutral. Linking to content that promotes a specific company, currency, or person is prohibited. We firmly oppose the inclusion of promotional or marketing-oriented links within our articles.

News writing

Journalists are required to submit their news pieces as a “proposal for publication.” Upon receipt of a proposed news article, Chronicles News implements multiple levels of review to verify the article’s quality and factual accuracy. If the article meets Chronicles News’ policies and standards after these checks, it is approved for publication.

A. What happens before publication?

Grammar check tool and Anti-plagiarism tool

Initially, the proposed article undergoes an editorial review to ensure the following:

  • A grammar check tool is used to avoid specific keywords and expressions within the content and identify grammatical and syntax errors.
  • An anti-plagiarism tool ensures the content is not copied from any other sources on the Internet, including Chronicles News’ site. Chronicles News mandates that journalists submit only original content that has not been previously published in any other publication. This tool is critical for detecting whether an article has been directly copied from other sources or if it replicates content from another website. Chronicles News’ editorial team utilizes this anti-plagiarism tool rigorously to guarantee that content infringing on copyright or trademark rights is not published.

Following the initial checks, the article is assessed by an editor who has the authority to approve, amend, or decline the submission. In their evaluation, editors are responsible for confirming that the article meets various criteria, including but not limited to:

The content must conform to the following standards:

  • Fact Verification: Every article is rigorously fact-checked to prevent disseminating false or misleading information.
  • Source Verification: We ensure that all cited sources are accurate, guaranteeing the information’s authenticity and reliability.
  • Legality and Ethical Standards: The content does not engage in or promote illegal activities, including terrorism, pornography, or other criminal acts.
  • Non-Promotional: The article must be devoid of any promotional or advertising elements.
  • Quality of Presentation: Articles must be well-crafted, with attention to both the quality of writing and presentation.
  • Integrity of Headlines: Headlines and subheadlines are crafted to be engaging and informative, avoiding sensationalism or misleading tactics.

Editors maintain objectivity and refrain from infusing personal opinions into the evaluation process!

An editor does not outright reject an article; it is either approved for publication or returned to the author for revisions. In cases where revisions are requested, the editor is obligated to provide detailed feedback, explaining the reasons for the return. An article may undergo up to three revisions before a definitive decision is reached — it must either be published or conclusively rejected.

If there is any uncertainty, editors are encouraged to seek the opinion of the editor-in-chief regarding the article’s newsworthiness or accuracy. The editor-in-chief has the authority to make the final call on the matter if questions about the article’s validity arise.

Editors must offer thorough and constructive feedback to authors at every stage. This feedback and the entire communication chain are accessible to the entire editorial team, ensuring transparency and facilitating collective insight into the decision-making process regarding an article’s publication status.

B. What happens after publication?

Once an article is published, it undergoes ongoing scrutiny through established procedures. Editors are particularly vigilant for clickbait and misleading headlines. Should any article be found to contravene these standards, it is promptly referred to the editor-in-chief for an expedited review.

Additionally, the vigilance extends to our readership. Readers are empowered to flag concerns regarding titles, suggest corrections, and offer feedback to Chronicles News via the site’s correction policy. Such collaboration is pivotal in maintaining the excellence of our journalism, rectifying inaccuracies, and augmenting content with diverse facts and perspectives.


Remember, our audience isn’t the general public but individuals keen on the news, particularly in the technology and business sectors. Your articles should cater to readers with a baseline understanding of these areas, offering them substantial information and insights. We aim to provide them with the most up-to-date news and information across various domains. Thus, it’s crucial to clearly grasp our readers’ interests and knowledge level before crafting an article for them.