Chronicles News actively fosters meaningful dialogues among writers, reviewers, readers, and senior staff members.

We are committed to engaging with our audience and responding to their feedback, be it suggestions, grievances, or other forms of input. Our readers can participate in various ways, such as contributing to expanding a story or its coverage, addressing inquiries posed by an article, drawing attention to issues or topics that may have been overlooked, and introducing new and diverse perspectives and experts. We believe that it’s crucial for news organizations to interact with the public on contemporary values, issues, and ideas, and we value this interaction highly. In fact, constructive feedback can result in:

  • Enhanced narratives and more comprehensive reporting.
  • Clarifications and responses to queries raised by our articles.
  • Acknowledgement of pertinent or previously overlooked subjects of interest to our readers, particularly within specific demographic segments.
  • Connections with new, varied sources and authorities.

How We Engage with Readers

Contact Us

We offer a page that includes all editorial team members along with verified email links, making it simple for readers to locate contact details to pose questions or express concerns.


We provide a platform for readers to engage in discussions about our news coverage or agenda, including links to our social media pages (such as Facebook) for a more direct and informal dialogue with the Chronicles News team.


Facilitating a straightforward way for users to offer direct feedback, share suggestions, or request corrections by reaching out to us at editor[at]

Author Information

We connect social media profiles to our authors’ pages on the Chronicles News site, offering readers access to authors’ contact information whenever possible.

User Feedback Stories

A crucial component of our editorial strategy involves receiving direct feedback from our readers, enabling users to point out errors, propose suggestions, or request changes.

Article Updates

We update articles based on reader comments and feedback.

Audience Polls

We engage in public surveys and share the outcomes to inform our choices regarding new features and the direction of our editorial content.

Community, Content Managers, and Central Team

Our platform provides contact details for essential staff members, guaranteeing both relevance and security.

At Chronicles News, our commitment to transparency and interaction with our readers underscores the open nature of our platform.