The Holiday Sitter: Release Date Announced! Everything We Know So Far

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The Holiday Sitter on Hallmark is a perfect path for Jonathan Bennett 

The Hallmark is ready to set a new trend with The Holiday Sitter, the system’s first-ever holiday rom-com portraying a gay couple in the lead roles. After championing The Christmas House 1 and 2, Jonathan Bennett gets a starring role as a bachelor. The holiday sitter is a start of a new bold trend.

The Holiday Sitter Release Date Announced! Everything We Know So Far
The Holiday Sitter Release Date Announced! Everything We Know So Far


The Nub: Sam Dalton (Jonathan Bennett) is a proud bachelor working for rich people as a wealth consultant; they hire him to keep an eye on their expenses and talk them out of buying stuff like yachts and tigers. Sam plans a solo trip to Hawaii- and in the meantime, he gets an offer that he cannot turn down, even if he wants to. Sam’s sister Kathleen (Chelsea Hobbs) and her spouse Nate (Mathew James Dowden) have to hit the road because the baby they will adopt is arriving soon. Sam is asked to take care of Kathleen and Nate’s two kids Miles (Everette Andes) and Dania (Mila Morgan).

Sam cancels his trip and absconds to the suburbs, where he meets Jason (George Krissa), Kathleen’s PHAT (pretty, hot, and tempting) gay neighbor. Kathleen ignored to mention Jason because she knew her bother had Gamophobia (fear of commitment), and Jason was already planning to adopt a child. Through Jason’s help, Sam learns how to be a good Gunkel, and this family thing isn’t scary at all.

Three Wise Men and a Baby 

In ‘The holiday sitter,’ there is a bit of ‘Three wise men and a baby,’ another hallmark surprisingly original movie; At the same time, ‘Holiday Sitter’ has all the charms; it offers something unique.

Worth Watching Performance 

This is George Krissa’s second Hallmark movie. He has this stoic charm that makes him look mature and mysterious simultaneously. Krissa’s performance was worth watching, here’s hoping that his charming smile gets him to find love in a movie of his next year.

Memorable Dialogue 

When Sam’s niece Dania asks him to take his turn while playing the reindeer ring toss game, he refuses. In reply, she says, “mom’s good at this game,” and he replies with, “nice psychological trick there, kid; I see what you did.” “I don’t know what that means,” Dania replies. “It means you have tapped into my sibling rivalry side; let’s do this.”

The change in Holiday Tradition

 Miles, Sam’s nephew, takes part in the Christmas play, The life and times of Santa Claus; there is no tree lighting, at least what we see. We saw the Christmas sidewalk as a new tradition. Where you walk around looking at Christmas lights.

Breaking the stigma 

As mentioned above, you can pair this movie with “three men and a baby,” another Stellar Hallmark project about men learning to take care of children and overcome their fear of commitment. You can also pair this with a lifetime’s gay romance Christmas movie, A Christmas to treasure, but you have to wait till 16 December.

Best Scenes 

According to us, the best scene of the entire movie was when Dania (Sam’s niece) asked him to play the reindeer ring toss game. He refuses to play, she tells him how her mom Kathleen is so good at this, and he replies with,” Nice psychological trick there, kid, I see what you did. You tapped into my sibling’s rivalry side” and continues to take his turn.

Our summation 

The holiday sitter is a warmup for our hearts, portraying love and romance among two men this holiday season. This is Hallmark’s first Christmas romance movie starring a gay couple. The film is neither too funny nor offers the perfect romance, but it is excellent in all ways it needed to be great. The movie also satisfies the LGBTQ+ community as they wish for romcoms displaying gay couples.

Like any other romcom, the movie fills up all of Hallmark’s mediums. A found family, a hot neighbor, cute kids, and a holiday with a good romance, what more could one ask for?Sam and Jason, the leads, are the perfect match for a starring gay couple in the Hallmark brand. Bennet and Krissa are proud and out Hollywood actors; the part of the movie which makes it even better is that the role is played by actors who are gay.

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