The Curse Of Bridge Hollow 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

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The Curse Of Bridge Hollow 2 is all fans can think about as they wait for a sequel to the family comedy. The movie was released on the online platform Netflix and is directed by Jeff Wadlow from a screenplay by Todd Berger and Robert Rugan. The film was released on October 14, 2022.

The film follows a family of 3, Howard, Emily, and Sydney, who recently moved from Brooklyn into the small town called Bridge Hollow. Halloween has always been Sydney’s favorite time of the year. However, the same cannot be said about her father. Things turn wrong when Sydney accidentally lights up a cursed lantern and releases an ancient spirit. The situation worsens as the soul wreaks havoc across the town of Bridge Hollow. The soul makes all the Halloween decorations come back to life, including creepy creatures like zombies and witches. With the city haunted by these spirits, the father and daughter join hands to tackle the spirit together and undo its evildoings.

The Curse Of Bridge Hollow 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Trailer

The Curse Of Bridge Hollow 2 Release Date

There has been no announcement from the streaming platform Netflix regarding The Curse Of Bridge Hollow 2. The movie is yet to receive a green light from the production company. Like every other Netflix show, the audience’s reception of the series or movie matters when it comes to renewal. Unfortunately, things are not currently looking suitable for The Curse of Bridge Hollow. This may be because the film is tailored for a specific demographic, given that it is a family Halloween movie with high-spirit comedy. Critics have also not been very welcoming towards this movie, so there is a lot of uncertainty about whether there will be a sequel to it or not.

Considering its theme, though, if there is a sequel, it will probably release around next year’s Halloween. However, the makers could also switch things up and release a Christmas version of the horror comedy, expected to release around Christmas 2023.

What is the plot of the sequel?

Even though there is uncertainty about getting a renewal to the movie, it had an open-ended ending, giving way to a sequel. The end also made many hopeful as they expected a film revival.

When the father-daughter duo finally wrap up the curse plaguing their town, they accidentally knock down a wall in their attic. This seems suspicious, given that the movie was about to end. Their discovery that more trouble will wreak havoc over town also leaves the viewers curious. This leads them to wonder about the discovery and how the story will go forth. This discovery, of course, opens up a gateway for a sequel to the movie. Now what that discovery may be, we have yet to learn. However, whatever it is will surely be a joyful ride and adventure for the viewers as they watch the duo come together to take on and defeat evil spirits.

The cast of the sequel of the movie

The cast has received a lot of positive feedback for the show, and rightfully so. The comedy film has gained much following due to its fantastic cast. The star-studded lineup can be expected to return for the sequel too. Some of these cast members are:

  • Marlon Wayans as Howard Gordon
  • Priah Ferguson as Sydney Gordon
  • Kelly Rowland as Emily Gordon
  • John Michael Higgins as Principal Floyd
  • Lauren Lapkus as Mayor Tammy Rice
  • Rob Riggle as Sully
  • Nia Vardalos as Madam Hawthorne
  • Abi Monterey as Ramona
  • Holly J. Barrett as Jamie
  • Myles Vincent Perez as Mario
  • Helen Slayton-Hughes as Victoria

Is there a trailer for the sequel?

Currently, The Curse Of Bridge Hollow 2 has no trailer, and there won’t be one for a long time. The reason for this is the uncertainty around the renewal of the movie and its release date. However, fans and viewers can rewatch the first movie on Netflix if they want to enjoy a fun movie night with their family or friends. It is also a fun movie to tune in to if one wants to spend a lazy night in bed watching movies.

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