The God of Highschool Season 2 Has A Release Date Or Cancelled?

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After the soaring popularity of the manga and the show’s first season, fans are curious to know about the renewal of The God of Highschool Season 2. And we do not blame them! The franchise comprises games, light novels, manga, and anime and has garnered tons of attention. Since its first introduction in 2011, the series has become a well-known and reasonably well-contender. 

The God of Highschool Season 2 Has A Release Date Or Cancelled
The God of Highschool Season 2 Has A Release Date Or Cancelled

The God of Highschool Season 2 Release Date

For now, the production company Crunchyroll has not announced the renewal of The God of Highschool Season 2. However, this will only last for a while. Considering the popularity of the manga, a renewal announcement will likely be released around 2023. 

Additionally, the first season was a massive hit among anime fans and brought in a lot of profits for the production company Crunchyroll. Their original manga series is also an enormous triumph, for it was the first-ever webtoon translated into English under Naver. This resulted in a solid fanbase all across the globe. The manga’s popularity is almost undeniable and grants it merit to bring forth an additional season. There is also a lot from the original webtoon series released in 2011 that the anime still has yet to unravel and adapt. This makes it much more likely to have a second season.

Its success and the leftover material from the manga make it a perfect candidate for a renewal of an anime season two. 

The God of Highschool Plot

The series’s protagonist, Jin Mo Ri, is a seventeen-year-old invited to join a martial arts competition called the God Of Highschool, or GOH for short. The event brings together students well-versed in martial arts from high schools across South Korea. The matches go from the regional to the national level, eventually going forth to compete in the world tournament, where there will be three representatives from each country. As for the winning prize, the winner gets a wish granted by the shady corporation sponsoring the competitions.

Fascinated by this, Jin Mor Ri decides to participate in the competition, where he meets Dae Wi and Mi Ra, who compete against him and quickly makes friends. Later on, they also become a whole team as they qualify to tie preliminary rounds. Like them, many individuals from different backgrounds and places form groups to try and triumph over the tournament. Along with the peculiar wish, the players competing in the game can also use “Borrowed Powers,” that is, powers borrowed from deities, demons, mythical creatures, and gods to win the competition. 

The God of Highschool Characters

The characters in The God of Highschool have marked their places in the viewers’ hearts. These characters are especially beloved because of their individual dispositions and different personalities, giving each of them a unique charm. Some of these characters are:

  • Mo Ri Jin 
  • Dae Wi Han 
  • Mi Ra Yoo 
  • Il Pyo Park
  • Mi Seon Ma
  • Jeon Jin Woo
  • Dae Cheol Han
  • Sang Min Yoo
  • Jae Hee Byeon
  • Bong Sa Shim
  • Seung Chul Baek
  • Man Seok Gang
  • Game Do Go
  • Hyeon Bok Ryu
  • Bo Ra Ma
  • Hall Yang Seo
  • Seong Jin Oh
  • Man Duk Sang
  • Su Mi Yoo
  • Je Gal Taek
  • Sung Ah Park
  • Tae Jin Jin
  • Mu Jin Park
  • Commissioner O
  • Commissioner P
  • Commissioner Q
  • Commissioner R
  • Announcer/Commissioner T

The God of Highschool Season 2 Trailer

Because there is no announcement regarding The God of Highschool season 2, it, unfortunately, has no trailer too. Even so, there will still be one in the future though. While there is no news on a second season, the fans can still indulge in other franchise works. The fans can read the light novel published by Naver Novels which has two volumes. Moreover, if that is different from their taste, they can enjoy playing the smartphone games developed by developers under the franchise. They can also switch to reading the original manga from which the anime has been adapted.

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