Country Queen Season 2: Has Country Queen Been Renewed For Season 2?

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Is Country Queen season 2 ready to keep up with the success it nailed during its immediate release? This was the first-ever time that Netflix made a series entirely in Kenya, creating a massive impact on the industry. It is rare for business giants like Netflix to take such a significant step, but it was proven that the decision to include diversity was right. Soon after airing the show, fans knew that it was history in the making. The representation of a drama through the Kenyan lifestyle is new to the fans. A story of family drama and corruption, the flawless casting was another positive point for the series.

That said, fans now wish to explore all other details about Country Queen season 2. Is renewal for a second season on the line for the show? Or do the fans have to ditch their hopes? We are keeping up with the latest information and, thus, sharing the details with you here.

Has Country Queen been renewed for Season 2
Has Country Queen been renewed for Season 2

Is Country Queen Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled?

Netflix or the showrunners did not reveal any details about the renewal status of Country Queen season 2. It has yet to be renewed or canceled. Since the show had its breakthrough season 1 debut on 15th July 2022, there is still time to get updates about its future. However, there is a positive side that gives the fans hope for renewal. Netflix recently has increased the limit of funding in the Kenyan media. This is because the OTT platform wants to provide the country with a means to portray the real issues of the country. Besides, it is also intending to work on improving the country’s image. Thus, this is a positive takeaway from the whole situation. 

We know the competition is brutal, but Netflix usually takes more than usual time in case of renewals.

What Will Be The Potential Plotline Of Country Queen Season 2?

The story will stay within its original level. It is the story of Akisa Musyoka, who is not bound to stereotypical patriarchal boundaries. The simple and elegant girl is a Nairobi event planner whose return to the village was not what she expected it to be. She arrives in her town after ten years, hoping to get endless love and new happy moments. However, it was her past that kept haunting her. A mining company is behind her home and is threatening to destroy it along with the lives. She is living a double life, and the horror of capitalism is behind her. The past traumas are creating obstacles in her way.

In season 1, Akisa was sitting sad close to her father’s grave. She is anxious since she didn’t get clarity about his actions. In Country Queen season 2, the plot may go deep into this storyline. Moreover, the romantic relationship between Kyla and Anna is also a point of interest for the fans. The creators have set up the storyline to take different turns and break into many sub-plotlines.

But as the renewal is on halt, the full details of the storyline are yet to come!

The Cast Of Season 2?

 Once we associate an actor with a particular character, it is hard to visualize another random actor for that same role. Though there will be a lot of plot twists and mind-bending situations, the old bunch of actors will be present to unfold the same. You have nothing to feel the tension as there won’t be any alterations for the cast of Country Queen season 2. 

  • Melissa Kiplagat will be playing Akisa
  • Blessing Lung’aho
  • Raymond Ofula will be playing Mwalimu
  • Nini Wacera will be playing Vivienne
  • Oliver Litondo
  • Sheila Munyiva will be playing Anna
  • Eddy Kimani will be playing Eddy
  • Nice Githinji
  • Joel Othukho
  • Brian Kisau

But what about new additions if the story expands? Well, that is still in the process of discussion.

Do The Fans Get A Trailer For Country Queen Season 2?

No, you do not have a trailer or teaser to watch the upcoming storyline of Country Queen season 2. This is because the showrunners can only proceed with the show if the renewal gets a green signal. So, it is evident that the trailer will not be available.

Final Words

The path that Netflix chose with the drama gives the fans a broader perspective of Kenya and its culture. This is intriguing to the fans, so Country Queen season 2 may be on the card for release. Netflix is popular for canceling shows midway, but we do not think Country Queen will meet the same fate.

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