Kindred Season 2 Potential Release Date, Cast and Spoilers

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It will be no surprise if Kindred season 2 returns to uncover more mysterious incidents. The outstanding work of Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred, the 1979 novel, got a series adaptation that fans demanded for the most extended period. And finally, the prayers were answered. The latest hit series portraying mystery-sci-fi stories has brought one of the most influential last-century novels to the screens. It even surpassed all the expectations that fans had of it. 

This mind-twisting eight-episode series did leave the viewers on a tempting cliffhanger. Though the fans have gotten restless about getting a second installment, the question that looms is whether a second season is coming or not. What are the chances of having Kindred season 2? We will discuss the critical points of concern to give the audience clarity about what to expect. 


Kindred Season 2 Potential Release Date

 Kindred season 2 has not been picked up for renewal as of December 2022. But showrunner Jacob-Jenkins did confirm his plans to have a season 2 along with two other seasons. So, if everything goes in the right direction, fans can get as many as four seasons of Kindred shortly.

To state the facts, season 1 of Kindred was released on 13TH December 2022 at FX on Hulu. The series’ pilot was first ordered in March 2021, and in January 2022, the eight episodes were confirmed. Later the production began early in June 2022, and finally, the series got a December release. That is why if season 2 is coming, then the show might release in 2023. Although, the details of the release date for the second installment didn’t come officially from the showmakers.

What Can Be The Plot Of Kindred Season 2? Spoilers Ahead Based On The Book

Jacobs-Jenkins has gone deep into exploring the plotline for the show. He even personally reviewed the author’s documents to give the oomph factor to the series. As the first season has quite the cliffhanger endings, which are beyond imagination, you know it will be intense in season 2.

The show’s season was about exploring the first three chapters in detail. Thus, Kindred season 2 might commence from the fourth chapter, “The Flight.” Dana will be in modern-day Los Angeles, whereas her husband will be in 19th-century Maryland. Dana will try her best to rescue her husband while managing the complications of the family’s relationship with Rufus Weylin. Rufus is going to have a child with Alice Greenwood. Thus it is vital to ensure the safety of Rufus to secure her existence.

On the other hand, Dana returns to the past after spending as little as eight days in the modern world. It was then that she noticed a five-year gap, and now, Kevin has become a changed man.

It will all be exciting, and you cannot even think about blinking your eyes in Kindred season 2. Also, the showrunner can make specific changes to escalate things to a new level. However, Jacobs-Jenkins did say that he wanted to remain faithful to the original plotline.

The Cast of Kindred Season 2

Not all will be lucky enough to reprise their characters in Kindred season 2. Only a few will undoubtedly have a screen presence in the second season. This is because the show has too many time jumps. So, new actors will be playing the different versions of the characters. Only a few leads will surely return for another thrilling season. 

  • Mallori Johnson as Dana James
  • David Alexander Kaplan as Rufus Weylin
  • Micah Stock as Kevin Franklin
  • Austin Smith as Luke
  • Ryan Kwanten as Thomas Weylin
  • Sophina Brown as Sarah
  • Gayle Rankin as Margaret Weylin
  • Sheria Irving as Olivia

Of course, new faces ought to enter for the next season. It is only a matter after renewal before we know about the new cast list. 

Final Words

It isn’t a brainer, but season 2 is going to happen. The season is still a new release, so it will take some time before the approval comes. So, relax and complete watching the first season if you still need to.

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