Harry and Meghan Volume 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

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Harry & Meghan Volume 2 is the next in line for the docuseries for which the fans have been counting the days. The life story of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is again in the spotlight. Netflix decided to release the intimate life of the royals in December, and the holiday season couldn’tcouldn’t have been better. We can see that the viewers were shocked after seeing some unseen details for the first time. 

Meghan Markle’sMarkle’s Archwell Productions sealed the multi-year deal with Netflix for this high-profile docuseries. It is said that over $100 million was paid for multiple documentaries, feature films, and so on.

The success of the show was evident. Harry and Meghan exited the royal family, which was quite controversial. With so much drama in the family, who doesn’tdoesn’t want to know about the royals? Moreover, the explosive interview of the couple with Oprah in 2021 fueled the audiences’ interest to learn more. Now, after the release of the first part of the docuseries, fans are wondering about Volume 2. Thus, we have detailed everything one needs to know about Harry & Meghan Volume 2 release date, trailer, plot, and all the juicy details.


Harry & Meghan Volume 2 Official Release Date

Netflix announced that Harry & Meghan Volume 2 would be released on 15th December 2022, a Thursday at 8 a.m. BST. Volume one of the popular docuseries is streaming on Netflix after debuting on 8th December 2022. Two-time Academy Award nominee Liz Garbus is behind creating such a visionary docuseries. The showrunners were honest to say previously that the documentary series will be of volume 1 and volume 2. So, a two-part release did not come as a surprise.

Until now, only episodes 1 to 3 are available to watch. Since this is a highly prestigious project, the creators decided to have limited episodes for the docuseries. As official reports suggest, Harry & Meghan Volume 2 will consist of the remaining episodes. It will be released from episodes 4 to 6, concluding the docuseries. Each episode will be 30 to 60 minutes long, depending on the material available.


Netflix uploaded a new 1.23-minute trailer for Harry & Meghan Volume 2 on 12th December 2022. It gives a glimpse of what will come in the next three episodes of the docuseries. As we play the trailer, we see Prince Harry questioning what might have happened if the couple hadn’t “gone out when we did.” The docuseries will show the Duke and Duchess of Success of Sussex exiting the royal family to begin their new independent life in California. Few revelations exist because you must watch for yourself to see the truth.

Volume 2 Possible Plot

Volume 2 will complete the docuseries and provide a proper closure. When Netflix’sNetflix’s Tudum shared the images of Harry & Meghan, some notable details were seen. But the Harry & Meghan Volume 2 will continue following the royal couple’scouple’s journey. The series will highlight the entire span of the couple’s relationship, including their early beginnings. In the upcoming Harry & Meghan Volume 2 episodes, we will see the Duke and Duchess leaving the royal family. After that, the couple started their Californian life and had two children.

Volume 2 will reveal the challenges, struggles, and controversies the couple faced post their exit. It gives an insight into how the couple navigated through the situation. As seen, each chapter will focus on different subject matters. Harry & Meghan Volume 2 will get interesting as it nears its end.

The Cast 

There is no doubt that Harry and Meghan will be there in the docuseries. The documentary is based on their life and all the incidents will surround them. However, there are rumors that viewers might see certain guests included in the cast list of Harry & Meghan Volume 2. Though King Charles, Prince William, and Princess Kate won’t be seen in the series, we might see some celebrity faces.

Sources claim A-list celebs like Tyler Perry and Jenifer Anniston will join for interview sessions. The other names are still a mystery, but they will be central.

Final Words

Volume 2 will release in a few more hours, and we can understand your excitement. To keep up with the docuseries, we recommend watching Harry & Meghan Volume 1 and proceeding to the following chapters.

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