Sisi Season 2: Every Revealed Till Now

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Sisi season 2 getting extended even before streaming season 1 is the most fantastic news any fan can ever get. The chronicles of Sisi take you through the engaging life of Empress Elizabeth of Austria. This story is so enticing that season 2 has become part of fans’ lives. The new season will start nerve-wracking since there is a lot to uncover. Moreover, the extension assured us that we would learn about the story from where it will leave in season 1. It is news to rejoice about because the release of Sisi season 2 is pretty close.

 There won’t be another long wait since we are spilling all the essential news surrounding the Sisi season 2 extension. Since there are a couple of release dates to follow to have proper knowledge, we are promising to leave behind no details.

Sisi Season 2 Release Date: When Is It Coming Out?

 Sisi season 2 extension will be released on RTL+, and it will start streaming on 16th December 2022 and will air on TV channel VOX at 8.15 pm. Moreover, Sisi season 2 will drop as many as three episodes each on the 27th and 28th of December. It will stream again from 8.15 pm on RTL. Besides, Vox will also put the first season on repeat to give the audience a recap of what has happened. Since VOX is a free channel, you can watch the show for free without spending any money.

Sisi Season 2 Every Revealed Till Now
Sisi Season 2 Every Revealed Till Now

The show has yet to stream season 1. But it is still maintaining the Christmas tradition and keeping the tradition alive.

You can catch up with all the drama of the royals.


Sisi season 2 extension will enter a fresh chapter of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, her love life, and the different facets of her life. However, the story of season 2 will be shown through the eyes of the empress’s dearest confidants. In season 2, Sisi will need help between two men. But most importantly, after the birth of the son of Sisi and Franz, the joyous moment became highly stressful. The situation soon centered around the ‘power struggles in Europe.’ This will initiate many different private challenges evident among the couple.

 Sisi season 2 will see Otto von Bismarck threatening to land Austria in new trouble, that is, war. It is a real struggle for Sisi, but she stays with her husband and people. Though the empress loves Franz with all her heart, she has to be diplomatic and tactful. Moreover, personal happiness is something other than luck for the empress. She lives a life similar to a bird trapped in a golden cage.

During her political mission to Hungary, she gets to see the simple life of the citizens of the Putza. It was here that she had her encounter with Count Andrássy, a person known for stealing horses. Sisi is now left to choose between her beloved husband, Franz, and the rebel she dearly connects with. So, who will she go with in season 2? The time has come that we get to know the whole story.

How Many Episodes Will Release In the Season 2 Extension?

 Sisi season 2 got an extension of six new episodes. Thus, you can watch all the episodes in December only.

Who is in The Cast Of Season 2?

 A talented cast has been taking us through the royal experiences that connect with us directly. Since the series has a lot of characters, the cast members are exclusively picked to match the features of specific characters. The list is long enough, so we have jotted down the cast list and the characters they play.

  • Dominique Devenport as Sisi
  • Jannik Schümann as Franz
  • Julia Stemberger as Duchess Ludovica in Bavaria
  • Désirée Nosbusch as Archduchess Sophie
  • Tanja Schleiff as Countess Esterhazy
  • Marcus Grüsser as Duke Max in Bavaria
  • Pauline Rénevier as Duchess Helene in Bavaria
  • David Korbmann as Count Grünne

 Want to hear some exciting news? The showrunners also have new cast members to add a new twist to the show. These are:

  • Murathan Muslu as Hungarian rebel leader Ödön Körtek
  • Romy Schroeder as Marie,
  • Amanda Da Gloria as Countess Emanuelle Andrássy
  • Bernd Hölscher as Otto von Bismarck

A true fan will know how big of news is the extension of season 2. With extra content to surprise the audiences, we love how the show will turn up. So, how happy are you with the Sisi season 2 extension?

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