Is Shawn Johnson Still Alive or Dead? Know Reason Why is Her Death Hoax Trending on Internet?

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“Is Shawn Johnson still alive?” With huge volumes of searches, the hoax news of the Olympic gold medallist is circulating online. She was the 2008 Olympic balance beam gold winner and the silver medal winner for all-round and floor exercise. These are just a few of the many medals that she won over her career span. Shawn is the first name that comes to mind when asked for a five-time Pan American Games gold medallist. She is a great team player who was a part of the senior American team in 2007. With her active participation, Shawn bagged multiple team champions in 2011 and 2007. The former artistic gymnast is famous for her Olympic winning streaks, but her battle with her health has always concerned the fans.

Is Shawn Johnson Still Alive or Dead Know Reason Why is Her Death Hoax Trending on Internet
Is Shawn Johnson Still Alive or Dead Know Reason Why is Her Death Hoax Trending on Internet

 After winning diverse titles, the sports personality chose to retire in 2012. She was away from the limelight for years until she reappeared in Dancing With The Stars seasons 8 and 15. However, her health issues always caught the headline, and they kept surfacing now and then. Recently, the news gained back traction. So, how did the statement “is Shawn Johnson still alive?” become trending on the internet? 

The Real Reason Why The News Of Is Shawn Johnson Still Alive Trending All Over the Internet

 The rumors surrounding “is Shawn Johnson still alive?” first surfaced in 2009 and then again in 2012, but thankfully, she is alive. After the gymnast chose to take retirement, hoax news about her death became more and more trending on the internet. However, Johnson is the first of the celebrities to join the club of hoax celebrity death news. Bon Jovi, Beyoncé, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Hilary Duff are only a few celebrities who have been victims of such fake news. 

 Money-hungry people fabricate such news to gain traction and views on the internet. They usually publish such fake news on social media through videos, blogs, and images to get more hits on their content. Though these rumors are ultimately proven to be a hoax, they temporarily damage the involved celeb’s privacy. Like many other famous celebs, Johnson was silent during the whole situation. 

Interestingly, the rumor again revived after people having the same as Shawn Johnson died in 2022. It gave a new turn to the speculations of “is Shawn Johnson still alive?”. This may not have anything to do with the Olympic champion. But it is disrespectful to the family of the people who suffered a huge loss. 

Is Shawn Johnson’s Death True Or Fake?

 Shawn is very much healthy and is living happily with her family. The gymnast never had any life-threatening medical issues. After her career in sports and then in Dancing With The Stars, she focuses on building a beautiful life. She is active on social media, proving that Shawn is doing fine. Thus, it is a piece of fake news.

What Happened To Shawn Johnson That Escalated The Rumors?

 There is nothing to worry about when it comes to news like “is Shawn Johnson still alive?” but Shawn had a severe health history. Shawn got candid while talking about her health in November 2015. She explained how she had an eating disorder in 2008 when she was preparing to win medals in the Olympics. It was a sad revelation when the Olympic gold medallist revealed that she only had 700 calories intake. This changed her health drastically, and she was harming herself without realizing it.

 So, even if there is no truth in the gossip around “is Shawn Johnson still alive?” the star did have to struggle with her health.

The admirers were eagerly searching for the latest updates on Johnson’s health, and we are happy to provide them with some clarity. You do not have to worry anymore regarding the contents of “is Shawn Johnson still alive?”. Such news may appear again in the future but only believe something once any official statement is healthy. Shawn’s overall health is excellent, and fans can relax without fearing the worst!  

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