K-Drama Island Episode 3 Release Date: Fans React to Yohan’s Priest Role!

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There have been only two enticing episodes of the newest Korean series in town, and fans already want the K-Drama Island episode 3 release date. With South Korean sensation Cha Eunwoo setting hearts on fire with his role as a charming priest, the fantasy drama has fast action sequences unlike any other series. It was definitely amongst the most-talked 2023 releases from TVing and Amazon Prime. After reviewing the craze amongst the fans, we can vouch that fans will be hooked on the upcoming episodes.

K-Drama Island Episode 3 Release Date Fans React to Yohan’s Priest Role!
K-Drama Island Episode 3 Release Date Fans React to Yohan’s Priest Role!

As we are talking about the new episodes, what is the K-Drama Island episode 3 release date? We know you are slowly growing impatient, but to be fair, the more you wait, the more rewarding the experience will be. Korean dramas like these are what fans crave to watch, and we will ensure that you get the details to give you an excellent guide to watching the show.

What Is The Official K-Drama Island Episode 3 Release Date?

K-Drama Island episode 3 release date is 6th January 2022 at 12:00 KST and 10:00 pm ET worldwide. Episode 4 will also drop on the same date and time. Thus, you have got an added reason to celebrate. Fans expect to get six episodes for this season since it is said the season will be kept short. With two more episodes left to go, the show is getting the viewers’ attention. However, the episodes aren’t short since each has a huge run time of 45 to 50 minutes. Since the episodes will be streaming in Korean, you can expect the episodes to have subtitles to get a clear understanding of the narrative. 

Where Can I Watch K-Drama Island Episode 3?

Now that you know the K-Drama Island episode 3 release date, you can watch all-new episodes on TVing and Amazon. For the fans in South Korea, stream the episodes on TVing. At the same time, fans all around the globe can watch it on Amazon. The same applies to episode 4 and all the upcoming episodes.

What Is The Plot of Island Episode 3?

The newest K-drama focuses on the protagonists Kim Nam-Gil and Lee Daphne. It is a TVing original TV show inspired by a webtoon (manhwa).

Episode 3 will continue the story of Won-Mi-ho, a rich kid whose father owns the very successful Daehan Group. However, her pride has led her to commit a mistake. And to teach her a lesson, her father decided to send Won to Jeju Island. The self-centered and pampered Won thought she would teach ethics in school, but little did she know that the place was evil. Many other people are on this island, and all have teamed up to fight evil. 

Further in episode 3, we will see how Yohan and Won-Mi-ho join hands to search for the missing school girl. The mystery of Van continues. Van and Miho had a past. But they will soon be crossing paths with a character who might help in guiding the trio to bring closure to the evil present on Jeju Island. Besides, Miho and Yohan are giving their all to investigate more about the girl who wanted assistance at multiple locations. The woodland, considered where devils gather, is also included in that list of sites. Thus, as the K-Drama Island episode 3 release date is nearing, the excitement level is rising.

Who Is In The Cast Of K-Drama Island Episode 3?

We know the main characters of the K-drama. But apart from the top faces of the series, there are supporting characters without whom the show will be incomplete. Before you delve straight into watching the show, check out the list of cast members and characters.

  • Cha Eun-Woo plays Kang Chan Hyuk
  • Nam-gil Kim plays Ban
  • Lee Da-hee plays Won Mi Ho
  • Jeon Gook-hwan plays Won Mi Ho’s Father
  • Sung Jun plays Goong Tan
  • Lee Hang-na plays Won Mi Ho’s Aunt
  • Du-shim Ko plays Geum Baek Joo
  • Yoo Yi-Joon plays Kyung Jun
  • Kim Gi Cheon plays the Principal
  • Yu Seung-Ok plays Han Soo Jin
  • Geum Gwang-san plays Ho Beob Seung
  • Heo Jung Hee plays Yeom Ji
  • Hyun Joong Kang plays Monk
  • Oh Kwang-rok plays Butler Jang
  • Lee Soon-won plays Secretary Kang 
  • Geun-hyeong Park plays Jong Ryung
  • Jung Soo-Bin plays Lee Su Ryun

Is There A Trailer to Island?

Yes, Studio TVing uploaded a short 36 seconds teaser of the Korean drama on YouTube. You can watch the show before proceeding to watch the entire series.

K-Drama Island’s episode 3 release date may be trending right now, but with the increase in ratings, you might get a new season. Let’s see if we get a second installment of the Korean series. 

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